With it outside you don’t need to bring your wallet and bank card anymore

Everyone in Tencent News (Newsboy) can't forget that the two things he brings are wallets and bank cards. Now go and flip your wallet. You will find that the largest number of wallets is the bank card, if the wallet is lost, That can be troublesome. On the other hand, all kinds of electronic payments have been widely used nowadays, but they all rely on mobile phones. If mobile phones are out of power, then they will be paralyzed.

In order to solve the above problem, a group of foreign young people developed a "digital wallet" SpendWallet, its innovation is to integrate all your bank card information, with it, you can throw the bank card at home, also You don’t have to rely on your phone to make payment very easy.

From the outside, SpendWallet is just like a mobile phone, its thickness is only 0.55 cm, the size is similar to a mobile phone.

SpendWallet's operation is very simple: open the mobile phone application, insert the card reader on the mobile phone, pass all the bank cards through the card to store the information in the application, and then synchronize with the SpendWallet via Bluetooth to import the information. Next, you can easily pay for it.

SpendWallet uses MFE technology and also supports NFC technology. You only need to put it on the merchant payment side and you can complete the payment without having to swipe.

SpendWallet built-in hidden screen, when not in use, is a black screen, during use, will display the need to select the bank card, battery power and other information.

In order to ensure the safety of user information, SpendWallet allows the user to set password or fingerprint protection on the mobile phone. When SpendWallet is lost, the user can delete all information on the mobile phone with one click.

SpendWallet has already tripled its funding target on crowdfunding sites, and early supporters can purchase this digital wallet for $119 (approximately RMB 793).

Source: indiegogo

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