The original innovator does not work! Lynx Box 3 pro 4K Blu-ray test

One day, inadvertently open Taobao glanced at, suddenly found the home page has a cat's box 3 pro first activity, think of home spent 1 cents gift Lynx box 1 that silly remote control there is the impulse to want to update , can not hold back the turmoil of the heart, the purchase order, I have this out of the box and the use of evaluation (actually hold back and play to see if you can support Blu-ray playback and the upcoming popular 4K playback, after all It is already the NAS era.)

A. Technical parameters

From the official publicity page, you can see that this set-top box uses the Amlogic S912-H chip. Is this the latest chip? Looks very strong, support Blu-ray playback should not be a problem, equipped with 2G memory, 16G ROM, it should be said that at this stage is enough. The other parameters are as follows:

Parameter 1

Here specifically stated that the box 3Pro supports 5Gwifi

On the output, support HDMI 2.01, USB2.01, AV, and a 100M network port, relatively speaking, quite satisfactory. As for the 100M network port, there is a foreshadowing here, which will be mentioned later.

II. Unpacking

Here is the official packaging of Tanabe’s Ali. Open it gently. What do I find? A box, a complimentary data cable, no, no, empty, no filler! ! A look of anger.

The complimentary data cable is acceptable, and the metal interface, IOS and Android can be used, and the cable is relatively soft.

Comparison of the easy way is the IOS interface contains Android interface, so that the two common, this design like a

Box 3 is relatively simple to pack and records some of the supported formats. Since there is little difference, there is nothing to say, so give the family a picture.

Three. Actual use

For comparison, LZ first tested it on a computer. Set-top box is relatively simple to set, plug in the power, HDMI cable can be, boot WIFI, account, these are relatively simple, easy to get started.

Setting completed

Enter the player interface, enter the playback interface for the first time there will be a paragraph of advertising, hey, after that is still very fast, can be counted as seconds to open it, and then in my application download the sofa butler like software fit (in this statement, this test article Most of the documents and videos used are from the Internet and are for learning and research purposes only. They must not be used for commercial purposes.)

If it is a mobile hard disk, U disk mounted in the box under the default circumstances can recognize the ordinary video such as MKV package, but does not support the Blu-ray ISO image file playback, in order to be compatible with all video formats, see Blu-ray, 4K , Here we use the KODI software, there is a 16.1 official version of the sofa butler, but I do not know if this chip is too new reason or KODI this version does not support the reason, in this version can not play 4K files. Therefore, LZ checked and downloaded the 17.0 test version. However, the 17.0 version also has some minor flaws. After the occasional installation, the plug-in cannot be automatically updated due to certain problems. In particular, language plug-ins cannot display Chinese characters. Can only be deleted to re-install, LZ has been tested several times.

KODI official download address:, note here is the downloaded version of the ARM version of choice Android, as shown below:

OK, now back, KODI is English by default, so it needs to be manually changed to Chinese format.

After opening the default interface so, notice the gear icon in the lower right corner, that is, the setting option, the deeper possession. , click to enter the new interface

Select interface settings, first do a permission change, the default is Standard mode, we need to change to Expert mode, so you can change the skin skin font options.

Change the permissions, select the skin option, in this option, select the font font, the default is the skin default, changed to Arial based, because if you do not make changes, it will become garbled after changing to Chinese.

Then select Regional in the same interface, select the language option, and change to Chinese. At this point, the Chinese and English modifications are completed.

This version of kodi turns on hardware decoding by default, so we don't need to set anything else. Next, officially open the test trip. Due to the fact that there are few 4K films at the present stage, video selection is based on the official 2160p video released by major manufacturers.

A. [Sony 4K HD Demonstration Film] 2013 New BRAVIA TV Promo “Feel the Beauty” Feel the Beauty Average 60Mbps Bit Rate

2. Changhong ChangHong Discover the TRUE Sichuan 4K 2160p average 100Mbps bit rate

Three. Konka Garden of Dreams KONKA 4K 2160p average 120Mbps + bit rate

Here intercepted some parameter screen.

In fact, when playing 120 Mbps bit rate, the host computer has been paralyzed. It looks like 2500K is old. Of course, the 4K bit rate is still higher. There is also a legendary documentary with a very high bit rate. It is close to a lossless master tape. The documentary is called TimeScapes. The length of the documentary is only 48 minutes, but the capacity has reached a terrifying 307GB. The data flow is about 110M/s, which is about 0.9Gbps, and interested friends can go to abuse (but I do not recommend it).

Here, smart friends have discovered some clues. The cable network can only support 100Mbps, and it is properly destroyed. Hopefully the next version will be improved. It can be replaced with a 1000M network port.

LZ is connected to the mobile hard disk in the box test, after all, USB2.0 interface maximum transfer rate of 480Mbps, so there is no external device to limit the playback factor. In this test, the code rate of 60Mbps is not stressful. However, at 100M, I don’t know whether the video itself is still a problem. In a certain fixed picture, there is a phenomenon of crash and restart. However, this phenomenon is not always a fixed picture. All of them, but when it came to 120M+ testing, there was no deadlock, so this type of problem is completely puzzling. It may also be because of kodi's reason. I hope to wait until the official version of Kodi 17.0 or later is available later. Because it is played on a computer, there is no sound, so what is the output of the sound quality is avoided. Here is the video of this test:

1.60M rate test

2.100M rate test

3.120M+ rate test

It can be clearly seen that the phenomenon of picture pause has appeared at the rate of 120M+, but for the time being it is impossible to identify it as a machine, or as a result of KODI player software. After all, the combination of software and hardware is king and it is expected that there will be improvement after kodi update.

Since the playback of 4K 60M code rate is not stressful, Blu-ray ISO format has no problem. The Blu-ray ISO file was played using Star Trek 1 files.

At this point, the test has ended and it is difficult to do so afterwards. The conclusion is:

A. Perfect support for Blu-ray playback

II.5 GWIFI keeps pace with the times, not bad

Three.4K video support is still to be improved, and we look forward to the new version can be solved

Four. 100M port is likely to be eliminated in the near future, hope to make improvements in the next version, such as put a Gigabit or something. .

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