Can it be perfect? ​​HTC 10 Nightlight Grey

My first smart phone was Dopod 565, which was launched in 2004 without hesitation. We started with a parallel version of the Orange C500.

Dopod was a company jointly funded and established by Taiwan's Hongda and VIA in 2002. Wang Xuehong was the chairman of Dopod. It can be said that Dopod is a subsidiary of HTC. With the official entry of HTC into the Chinese mainland market in 2010, Dopod was also incorporated into HTC. .

Dopod 565 has TFT 65K color screen, 176×220 resolution, equipped with windows mobile system, stunning to a lot of friends. At that time mobile network is not yet developed, there was no 91 assistant, no pea clip, basically a lot of things Also used offline, Kingsoft looked up the dictionary, iSilo read a lot of novels, then 91 out of the palm smart mobile assistant, connected to the computer and ex sent a lot of text messages. Later 500 mosquitoes sold for a fat 650, then Another story...

HTC was brilliant in wm and Android a few years ago. HTC Touch, Diamond, G series and Desire series are all driving the development of smart machines. But we have to say that HTC has indeed gone downhill in recent years. The stalks, the "double chins" stalk, "only high-end machines"...etc.. Even after the HTC10 announced the country line, a special version of the lifestyle was born... The rush of steel...

Well, from feelings to Tucao, or return to the topic. HTC or to the National Bank installed a strong heart of Xiao Long 820. So thanks to Aunt, thank HTC for letting me have this 16-year high-end experience

1. Unpacking, Appearance & Workmanship. Nice to see you again.

Aunt's packaging has always been stable

Ham sausage Hello ~ ~ out of the box can not save, packaging design simple and refreshing, gray bumps are not monotonous. In fact, the packaging is simple but not simple, the official website HTC10 page has a large picture of the packaging of the environmental protection, "use 98% biodegradable raw material box made from bamboo pulp and sugarcane paddles"

Measured random colors, with the luminous gray, the US version called Carbon Gray back feature icon description. Xiaolong 820 blessing, 5.2 inch 2k screen, 4G ram+64G, it also supports up to 2TB nMicroSD memory card (conscience ah !!), rear camera 1200w pixel Ultrapixel 2 generation 1/1.23 inch 1.55μ imager + laser focus, front camera is 500w ultraselfie blessing, all with anti-shake... take a grain for example, all black technology. Production Date is July 24

A close-up, should be able to see clearly

To a box Logo

After opening the package, the first thing to see is the Golden Card. Enjoy the service line. Accidental damage to the pick-up machine maintenance and preparation services, plus a broken screen, liquid, damage to the charging port is not repaired 3 election 1 time

The following is the fuselage of the Grand Mercure card, and then is the sub-category of accessories - Hi-Res headphones, QC3.0 charge, Type-C line, take the card pin. These small cardboard actually skin material, details do not be too good. .

And various manuals below the card pins

Photographs of accessories

The QC3.0 plug is very good workmanship, the output is 5V 2.4A, 9V 1.7A and 12V 1.25A, the maximum output power of 15.3W.

Very sophisticated headphones, L&R logo on the main body, and now there are not many manufacturers of headphones

Behind HTC Logo

The matte protective film is directly removed. Unlike the previous M7 and M8 three-stage industrial design, the HTC10 was directly exchanged with the entire glass with 2.5D radian. The connection and the metal fuselage blend into one. It is quite sleek. The size of 5.2 inches. One hand feels perfect, unlike the 5.7-inch n6p.

Changed the design of the three chins, removed the logo, no longer fanfare, touch the home button also did a positive fingerprint recognition, sensory feedback vibration feedback in place, on both sides of the return and task switching touch buttons.

At the bottom is Type-C, Boomsound and Microphone. The integrated Unibody has no gaps, and the texture is 10 points.

The top of the handset serves as a Boomsound opening, and the right side is a 500W front camera with anti-shake.

Headphone hole at the top of the middle 3.5mm, support Hi-Res Audio

The back of the three-piece design, HTC is the originator. Now look no sense of violation, a slightly convex camera, next to the two-color temperature flash and laser focus. In the middle of the big HTC Logo. Do not follow the flow of large-angle cutting edge, kind Gangyang's temperament, the official copy "light sculpture edge molding" without losing the van

Single pixel 1.55μ camera, quality assurance. The small label above is the NFC logo

"Large sharp edges, sharp edges and full blooms" - HTC.. I can't think of better adjectives

This knife goes, the one-piece metal body gives me rich visual senses.

Carbon Gray, luminous gray, more and more cool~

Did you feel simple and luxurious?

Two ears, one side Micro sd card slot, one SIM card slot

Side cutting is three-dimensional

Sim card slot, volume button, power button, and contact identification

Visual comparison of the size of the model, Nexus 6p, HTC 10, iPhone 6p

Who can say that I'm ugly behind? The ugliest is on the right

2. System and own app

The first boot setup is simple, the system has eaten Android 6.01

Since its release in 2009, Sense has also gone through 7 years. HTC10 has been equipped with Sense 8.0. There is a general trend of returning to the world. It looks native and follows the Material Design design language. It is clean and refreshing. Whether it is the main interface, The drop-down notification bar, setting page has a native shadow. Now all major manufacturers are deeply customized, but in my opinion, it is better not to change, so this version of Sense praise!

Blinkfeed, HTC Sense features, equivalent to waterfall streaming news aggregation Home screen swipe to the right to start. With a variety of aggregate app is very similar, in fact, do not quite understand why to do this ... not very accustomed to personal

However, using the news to see the news is convenient, it is very smooth, and the sections can be customized.

Bring your own phone, calendar, simple weather, but it is not beautiful

HTC security assistant, including application lock, second space, cloud power saving, self-start management and other functions. The second space is more practical, after all, double open QQ or double open WeChat is sometimes really useful

Cloud-power-saving, similar to the green guardian, is necessary in the era when all family buckets wake up from each other. Application locks are also very practical. Fingerprint unlocking is supported. 1024 is locked up.

Bring the fm & application market, the interface looks more like ui 2 or 3 years ago, it's a little retro, HTC got ah.. Where do the designers go?

For the desktop theme, it feels naive, and does not match the overall temperament of the machine. I hope to withdraw from the more exquisite icon package and overall color scheme later.

3. Performance, Running Points & Neonus 6p Video with Snapdragon 810

HTC 10 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics card, equipped with 4GB RAM, to ensure its operating speed

After booting, the available memory is about 2g. According to the current app, 100-200 memory is used at every turn. It is still necessary to clean up the background from time to time.

Entertainment Run Points Points ~~ Entertainment Rabbit 121,637! Geekbench Single Core 1527, Multicore 3066

3Dmark temperature stays at 40 degrees, score 1902

The HTC10 is still equipped with eMMC 5.1 NAND memory (UFS2.0 is also useful). It is still weaker than UFS 2.1 NAND. However, it is enough to use 256MB/s read speed and 133.75MB/s write speed.

Run points to run points, for daily use and entertainment is more than adequate? The following insert and compared to the common app of last year Xiaolong 810 pro son, there are Aunt, cool market download & install, US Mission, Taobao, Youku, Kings glory and micro Bo ~ ~ in the app install & download and Youku video playback speed has obvious advantages ~

Fingerprint recognition, the official claims 0.2 seconds. I think there is no exaggeration, in the case of a finger only enter the case, the reaction is very sensitive, seconds open. n6p will be slow one beat, and n6p recorded a finger more than 2 times

Finally, Boomsound and headphone. Boomsound, compared to n6p, honestly speaking, the voice is too crisp, thin, and the volume is not as strong as the n6p. In short, it is not lost. For headphones, my fungus is, anyway, usually hear a loud problem

4. Screen Performance and Comparison (Nexus6p & iPhone 6p)

The HTC10 is equipped with a new 5.2 inch Super LCD5 2k screen, which is measured by Tianma.

White is still very pure

Below are some intuitive comparisons. From top to bottom are the iPhone 6p, HTC10, Nexus 6p and sample images.

This screen is still good for color reproduction, slightly more colorful than ip6p, but the sense of transparency is very good

5. Camera app features, Samples & Raw processing

HTC's cameras have been ahead of time, M7's ultrapixel, and the M8's dual cameras. This time the HTC is equipped with a 12-megapixel Sony IMX 377 sensor with a 1/2.3-inch imager size, single-pixel size of 1.55μm, and f/1.8. Large aperture plus double optical image stabilization and back laser focus and supports raw format ~! DxOMARK gives 88 high scores!

The camera's ui is intuitive. The top two icons are the function selection, including Zoe dynamic photos, time-lapse shooting, slow-motion shooting, full manual camera, etc. In manual mode, you can choose to save raw or jpg only.

Rich options in professional mode, white balance, exposure time 1/8000-16s, manual focus, IOS100-3200

The finished photo can also create a theme

Zoe dynamic photos in the album will be directly broadcast dynamic photos is in fact mp4 format, WeChat transmission is also convenient

Not much to say, directly on the contrast chart ~ left and above for the HTC10, with its own camera app, the right and the following figure for the Nexus 6p, also comes with a camera app - Google Camera

The clarity in daylight is not exactly the same, but the white balance and exposure HTC10 is much better

Looking at this zoom in, the details of the n6p lotus are better

Both use the panoramic mode of Google Camera. The HTC10's focus is obviously fast, and the efficiency of the panoramic shots is improved a lot. Photographs are very good, just a cold tone and a warm tone.

In the dark light m burned chicken drums, no anti-shake n6p suffered a big loss, white balance did not htc10 accurate

Cousin's cousin fried rice ~~

After all, the same Sony IMX 377 is used. Sometimes it's not so different.

Feel white balance on the phone is not yet stable, this n6p more accurate

Difficult environment, HTC10 has less background noise

To get a single shot of bokeh, how do I love m

Built-in photo editing features are available

Of course, snapseed also supports the raw photo of HTC10.

PS perfect support for HTC10 raw

Don't forget that the front-facing front camera is 5 million pixels and the pixel size is 1.34 μm. It also has optical image stabilization and f/1.8 aperture with its own beauty.

It's not finished, Continue .... With built-in delay... After you shoot, you can adjust the speed. You haven't found a good point during this time. So you took a direct shot at the street.

The last video recorded in 4k is very clear in dark light, but the focusing speed is still slightly slower.

6. Endurance & Charging

HTC10 equipped with Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging technology, 3000mAh battery. Battery life test from early 8:00 to the battery, until 4 pm, the system set the highest performance, cloud power save in addition to WeChat, other apps are included in the list. n period not inserted SIM card, open wifi, the screen opened the brightest, frequent brush meager, aunt, WeChat, in the cool market under the 5-6 app installation, played three sets of King glory, n3 plate royal war, 20 minutes Yin Yang division. 40-50 pictures, and then another round of entertainment rabbits, n3Dmark and geekbench.. finally have 5% power. This life is very good, much better than nexus6p.

Officials claim to charge 50% for 30 minutes. Well, almost, really fast, the first 80% are very linear, and are always in a state of rapid charge.

7. Is it perfect?

There is no perfect thing in the world, especially electronic products. It is now a flagship. After six months, it has a new flagship...

For HTC10, its workmanship is solid, the appearance of bright eyes, good grip, 2k screen, HTC UltraPixel+UltraSelfie camera before and after the camera is very good, close to the native Sense, QC3.0 fast charge, can be worth noting

However, at the same price, it also lacks the borderless, dustproof and waterproof characteristics of the current high-end models. If it can be reduced to less than 3000, it is excellent.

All in all, it is no exaggeration to call HTC10 the high-end flagship of 2016.

Above. Thanks for watching

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