Apple Apple iPhone7 Plus vs 6sp Looks Great (7p Unpacking)

Just had a 7p in the hand to open the box, just another 6sp in his hand to open the box. By the way, be an open box contrasting blueprints, enjoy appreciation, and if there is any space left behind, I will add the system, experience, and hardware comparisons. Let's compare the appearances today!

7p pink

The unpacking method changed for 1 second to remove the plastic wrap and it was difficult for the merchant to pretend to be unopened.

It is not a cell phone but an instruction manual that opens the cell phone box!

It's so beautiful that I don’t want to talk. I don’t feel beautiful when I speak. Hahahaha, professional blueprint 100 years

7p 6sp 6s station

The tail headphone hole is missing, it becomes a row of holes, a little hammer wind

The length of the earpiece is different. It is said that the speaker is added. The upper and lower parts play together to provide a better hearing effect. The following picture shows that I put the 6sp film on it.

result. . .

Fingerprint physical keys, press the button when it is turned off to know that it is not moving. After the power on, that small motor simulates the effect of pressing with the same, the feeling is that it is pressed. Do not believe you can try, anyway, Android is not the kind of touch three kings of vibration feeling, 6sp and 7p home size is the same

Finally: Brochure Family Portrait

Comments, 7p and 6sp look the same size, changes subtle, the main appearance changes: the camera becomes a dual camera, the bottom speaker cancel 3.5 earphone jack, the handset becomes longer, the antenna position changes. The rest of the appearance did not change significantly

The appearance of this end, orderly and time to continue to evaluate the system experience, photographed, battery life, reaction speed, etc., I hope everyone will support

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