Common five methods for troubleshooting black screen of LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screen as a high-tech electronic device, under normal circumstances, the manufacturer's normal life to provide professional LCD splicing screen is very safe, but does not rule out force and caused by the display hardware failure and other issues, such as video abnormality, splicing software parameter settings Errors: Errors in the set-top box coded dialing splicing screen do not require a power set-top box, causing the LCD splicing screen to malfunction. Users can perform initial investigation and remedy on the first splicing screen system. The following are troubleshooting methods:

1. Check if the card is overclocked If you excessively overclock your graphics card, irregular and intermittent streaks will often appear, so you should reduce the overclocking frequency appropriately. Please note that we must first reduce the memory frequency.
2. Check if the connection of the graphics card is loose If an abnormality occurs between the LCD splicing screen and the connection card, the most common such as poor contact will cause the screen to appear “chaotic” and the “noise” is like a Huaping phenomenon.
3. Check the quality of the graphics If there is a black screen problem after the replacement of the graphics card, and the above methods have not been resolved, should be anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic shielding quality assurance whether the video card clearance.
4. Check the graphics driver compatibility The best driver after the user uses the certification authority, preferably the graphics provided by the driver manufacturer, to facilitate the protection of various hardware and software compatibility.
5. Check the screen resolution or refresh rate is set too high now the general LCD splicing screen can support 1080P display resolution, the resolution can be used in most cases, if blindly to the screen resolution is too high, there may be noise or Huaping phenomenon to achieve.
If the above method investigation does not solve the problem, then the best feedback to the manufacturer, please solve the problem of LCD splicing screen expertise.

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