New Japan Wireless' high-quality audio brand (MUSES) original authentic officially entered the Chinese market

The long-awaited new Japanese wireless original independent brand MUSES high-quality audio products of major audio enthusiasts and audio design engineers have officially entered the Chinese market, and it has also been more convenient to purchase the original MUSES original products in China . At the same time, MUSES official exclusive The website is also publicly available, which will make it easier for more people to understand MUSES products and obtain order information for MUSES products. New Japan Wireless declared that the strategy of full entry into the Chinese market is the key policy of the company's development in the future. This time the first battle to create the Chinese market strategy launched this amazing work. I believe that high-quality brands will bring a share to China. The MUSES trend has brought Chinese people a taste of life in a new era.  

In today's high-end audio world, prejudices such as "the sound of semiconductor audio is far from the original sound" dominate. MUSES products have broken this certain situation and made breakthrough innovations. On the premise of sound quality priority, they boldly carried out new circuit design, chip layout design, material selection and corresponding manufacturing processes to ensure the true reproduction of the original sound. . MUSES products can be described as the best products for semiconductor operational amplifiers, and are among the best products that only New Japan Wireless can launch. The slogan of the New Japan Wireless MUSES brand is " to help cultivate the sensibility of the next generation of new humans by conveying the real voice that shocks the soul. This is our mission of New Japan Wireless." It can be said that MUSES is the highest masterpiece that shocks the sensibility. MUSES products use high-tech technology and brand-new materials, which can reproduce the true original sound thoroughly. Isn't it as magical as the legend, the people who have heard the MUSES sound effects will know the answer, and then they will really know what is the highest level of audio and what is the real music enjoyment.
In order to allow more audiophiles and music fans to experience the original sound experience, the MUSES series has enriched its product range to meet more enthusiasts with different needs. The products can be divided into flagship and mass production versions. The flagship version uses a high-purity oxygen-free copper lead frame, uses a special technique of subversive packaging and accessories common sense, and uses advanced symmetrical chip welding technology. The production version expands the popularity and reduces the cost, but it will also have first-class high-quality sound effects. In addition, MUSES series of products from the start of the op amp series, expanded to the electronic volume controller series, we believe the future will continue to expand its lineup, expect more new products MUSES equipment market.
New Japan Wireless is a long-established enterprise of operational amplifiers. The MUSES series of products launched with all its strength can be said to be the pinnacle in the history of audio products and will create a fantasy world for you. MUSES products are produced lean under the premise of ensuring high sound quality. Both limited production and limited supply are to ensure that you can be satisfied with the highest quality products. Our guideline is to strive for excellence with quality, to seek progress with excellence, and to strive for strength. I hope that friends from all walks of life in the Chinese society will continue to support and let MUSES products enter thousands of households and become a well-known well-known brand. It can be described as "If you want to listen to the original sound, choose MUSES "

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