China ranks in the middle and lower reaches of the global communication technology index for three consecutive years

According to the "Measurement of Information Society Development 2012" report published by the International Telecommunication Union, according to the information and communication technology development index compiled by 11 indicators, South Korea is the country with the most developed information and communication technology, and China ranks 78. Only two more than in 2011, it is clearly still in the middle and lower reaches, indicating that China still has a lot of deficiencies in broadband and Internet.

Despite the hard work of the three major operators in China, the ranking of China in the report shows that operators still have significant shortcomings.

The ranking of the ICT Development Index in this report is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the three contents of information and communication technology (ICT) accessibility, utilization, and utilization. Among them, the degree of ICT accessibility includes the number of fixed telephone circuits, the number of mobile users, the number of households using the Internet, etc., the degree of utilization includes the number of people using the Internet, and the ability to use includes the enrollment rate and the ability to solve problems.

In the comprehensive ranking, South Korea ranks first, because of its high penetration rate of communication and fast internet speed, Japan ranks eighth, China is 78th this year, 90th last year, and 79th the previous year.

However, the results of the various rankings are very different. As early as 2009, the World Economic Forum ’s Global Information Technology Report believed that Denmark was the world ’s most developed and used economy in information and communication technology, followed by Sweden, The United States, Singapore and Switzerland, etc., did not rank South Korea as the first camp, and China ranked 46th, which is not low.

There are also some broadband rankings, generally ranking China very low, and some are not necessarily accurate.

Moreover, this ranking does not represent the overall level of the country. For example, the United States is recognized as the most developed country in the global IT communications industry, and its overall development level far exceeds that of South Korea. However, in the "ICT Development Index" report released by the ITU, the United States ranks only 15th.

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