Internet of Things from concept hype to substance

In 1990, the Xerox company invented the Internet Coke vending machine, which kicked off the prelude to the human dream of Internet of Things. In the process of using sensor technology to control devices through the network, people gradually discovered the value of the Internet of Things. With the rise of the Internet and the development of perception technology, people's imagination of the Internet of Things has also begun to put wings.

In 1999, when researching RFID technology, Professor Ashton of the Auto-ID Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed to use the radio frequency identification technology and wireless data communication technology on the computer Internet to construct a physical Internet that realizes real-time sharing of global item information. Internetofthings "(Internet of Things for short), the concept of Internet of Things was formally born.

At about the same time, the dream of China's Internet of Things began to set sail. "What will happen if the sensor is used as an early warning terminal, and the data collection, processing, and transmission will be networked?" In 1999, Liu Haitao, then an associate researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was still excited about the problem at three o'clock in the evening. He suddenly felt, "In this direction, we must be able to do great things. Eventually, we can even achieve the interconnection of things and sense the world." At that time, in the minds of some researchers who were as keen on sensing technology as Liu Haitao, the dream of the Internet of Things had begun to move.

During the past ten years, various technologies related to the Internet of Things have been developing silently, gradually coming out of the laboratory and approaching people's lives. When past dreams gradually become reality with the evolution of technology, the Internet of Things that people imagined also began to change dramatically.

"As small as a watch, a key, as large as a car or a building, as long as a micro sensor chip is embedded to make it intelligent, this object can 'automatically speak'. With the help of wireless network technology, people can talk to the object ' ', Objects can also' communicate 'with each other. This is the Internet of Things. If the Internet of Things is connected to the Internet, people can get instant information on everything in any part of the world. "Yang, President of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications In the picture of the Internet of Things depicted by Professor Zhen, the Internet of Things is changing the way we perceive everything in the world. This also means that the development of Internet of Things technology will have a profound impact on a country's military, industry, agriculture, environmental monitoring, construction, medical, space and marine exploration and other fields.

In September 2010, the Internet of Things technology, as an important part of the new generation of information technology, was listed as a strategic emerging industry that the country focused on cultivating. The development of the Internet of Things technology and the creation of the Internet of Things industry were first mentioned at the national strategic height. At the beginning of this year, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly stated that it would help China's Internet of Things industry take shape in the next five years, and the state's support policy for the Internet of Things industry will gradually become clear.

For China, the Internet of Things has finally moved from concept hype to substance, and it is no longer a dream.

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