Freescale MSC8156 DSP is widely used in Huawei's TD-SCDMA base station solution

Information and communication technology solution provider Huawei chose Freescale's MSC8156 digital signal processor (DSP) as the key processing engine for its latest generation of TD-SCDMA base station, and completed the device based on Freescale in two years Solution deployment. MSC8156 DSP has played a very important role in the rapid adoption of Huawei ’s TD-SCDMA infrastructure equipment by mainland operators. Huawei recently also chose to use Freescale DSPs in its products in the next few generations. In the future, it will be fully deployed by operators.

Freescale MSC8156 DSP is widely used in Huawei's TD-SCDMA base station solution

Huawei chose Freescale Semiconductor's MSC8156 DSP to provide high-performance digital signal processing for its large number of TD-SCDMA base stations. Freescale's MSC8156 DSP helps Huawei deliver scalable, low-cost, and energy-efficient base stations with high processing efficiency, programming capabilities, and high-speed built-in accelerators and interfaces, which improves the performance of TD-SCDMA wireless networks to a higher level.

Chen Xi, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei ’s Wireless Network Business Unit, said: “Huawei is committed to providing customer-centric solutions and products, including the use of Freescale ’s MSC8156 DSP ’s performance and programming capabilities. Freescale ’s products are highly efficient The DSP core and accelerator enable us to provide the industry's largest number of TD-SCDMA carrier frequencies in the base station, and at the same time have the highest system flexibility, greatly improving the overall efficiency of Huawei's base station. "

Freescale's MSC8156 DSP is specifically adjusted and optimized for various broadband wireless standards (including TD-SCDMA), so it can provide a powerful impetus for the physical layer processing within Huawei's TD-SCDMA base station. The device uses 6 DSP cores based on the SC3850 StarCore® core technology to achieve high throughput and standards-based baseband accelerators, supports the latest wireless standards, and also uses high-speed interfaces such as Serial RapidIO and PCI-Express, and meets Gigabit Ethernet with various system topologies and high throughput requirements, all of which have greatly improved the capabilities of wireless broadband base station equipment.

Scott Aylor, General Manager of Freescale's Wireless Access Department, said, "We are very pleased that Huawei's advanced base station product portfolio can use Freescale's products. Huawei has delivered world-class products through the widespread adoption of MSC8156 DSP, and successfully obtained The deployment of major Chinese operators. "

In addition to providing a strong base station DSP product portfolio, Freescale is also the world's leading provider of RF power solutions, specifically for cellular infrastructure equipment, and has successfully established a long-term RF technology collaboration with Huawei. Huawei has also adopted Freescale's extensive QorIQ and PowerQUICC communications processor products, specifically optimized for its wireless infrastructure applications.

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