Trend analysis of LED replacing traditional lighting fixtures (2): high pressure sodium lamp

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At present, sodium lamps are mainly used in factories and mines, squares, courtyards, roads, etc. In this industrially developed era, people are increasingly demanding lighting fixtures. Currently, high-pressure sodium lamps on the market have a rising temperature, and the startup is very slow. Flashing, high-pressure sodium lamps are gradually being replaced by new light source LEDs. We all know that LEDs are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, light-colored, and long-life. Let's take a look at the comparison and trends of high-pressure sodium lamps and LEDs.
Advantages and disadvantages of high pressure sodium lamps
The sodium lamp is divided into: high-pressure sodium lamp and low-pressure sodium lamp. The most used in the market is high-pressure sodium lamp. The high-pressure sodium lamp has the following disadvantages: 1. The color rendering index is low, Ra is generally only about 20-30, the color reproduction ability is underground, and the light is emitted. The distortion is large. 2. The life is short, the normal life of the high-pressure sodium lamp is about 30,000 hours, and the actual life can reach 10,000 hours is not bad. 3. Photoelectric conversion efficiency underground, its special structure determines that the power conversion rate is low, and the general power efficiency conversion is 80%. Advantages of high pressure sodium lamp: Because the color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamp is relatively low, it is better for rain and fog penetration, which can reach 400-500 meters, which is unmatched by LED. 4. Low cost, high pressure sodium lamp technology has been relatively mature, resulting in low cost of high pressure sodium lamp.
Advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting fixtures
LED is known as the fourth generation of lighting source, is gradually replacing high-pressure sodium lamps, LED has such shortcomings: 1. High cost, LED due to technical and other factors, the current cost is relatively high, high-power LED is at 10 yuan / W or above. 2. Technology needs to be broken. At present, LED photoelectric conversion is only about 20%, and the remaining 80% is distributed by heat. Advantages of LED lighting: 1. Long life, environmental protection, LED is solid light, no gas is required, and no harmful gas is excluded. 2. The power conversion rate is high, and the LED driving power supply can reach about 96%. 3. The color rendering index is high, and the color rendering index of the LED can reach 80 or more, which is to see the object more realistic.
to sum up
In the road lighting with high investment and high power consumption, if it is replaced by LED, it will save 50-60% (conservative value). In the next 3-5 years, LED replacement of high-pressure sodium lamp is inevitable. The current price of LED is to be solved. There are also many manufacturers in this area.
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