OSRAM Optoelectronics Introduces Side Light LEDs for Mobile Device Display

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has announced the launch of its latest edge-lit LED MicroSideled 3806 series, designed for backlit displays in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The product line includes phosphorescent white LEDs that produce 2700K-10,000K white images and blue emitters for quantum dot applications.

These LEDs are 3.8 x 1 x 0.6 mm and are designed to be directly coupled to the light pipe by optical, edge-lit illumination, while planar light pipes are mounted on the back of the LCD to create a backlight. This series has a nominal life of 15,000 hours to L70 (or 70% of its initial lumen output).

White LEDs emit light in the 8000KCCT range, achieving 150lm/W energy efficiency and excellent color and brightness uniformity; according to Osram, the white point matches well with the commonly used color filters for LCDs, providing optimum brightness and Color gamut.

Blue LEDs are designed for emerging quantum dot technology; quantum dots are excited by photons, similar to conventional phosphors, but these points have a much narrower emission spectrum.

In display applications, manufacturers typically embed red, green, and blue (RGB) quantum dots into the material layer between the light pipe and the LCD; the quantum dots are arranged in a manner that precisely matches the LCDRGB filters. Therefore, only red light can pass through the red filter, as do the green and blue filters. With this technology, the display can achieve more saturated colors and enhanced color gamut than white backlit LCDs.

Blue LEDs from OSRAM can be used for quantum dot excitation in display applications, and blue is chosen because LED manufacturers can provide optimal quantum efficiency at this color. According to reports, OSRAM's blue MicroSideled3806 can achieve 55% external quantum efficiency.

According to Osram, blue LEDs and quantum dot technology can make displays with system-level power consumption more efficient; quantum dots can make full use of the emitted light quantum, because if white light is used, there will be a lot when the light passes through the filter. A large portion of the backlight spectral energy is wasted. Osram says its products have the advantage of reducing power consumption by 10-15% and increasing color space coverage by 33%.

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