Kyocera chooses Atmel maXTouch controller to help smart phone touch screen

21ic News Atmel® Corporation announced that Kyocera® Corporation has selected Atmel to provide touch screen controllers for its new Rise, Hydro and Digno S smartphones.

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The Atmel maXTouch® mXT112E touch screen controller is helping the Kyocera Rise and Hydro 3.5-inch touch screens, while the Atmel maXTouch mXT224S powers the Digno S 4.7-inch touch screen.

With the Atmel maXTouch touchscreen controller, users can enjoy a multi-touch experience for faster response, higher accuracy and less unintentional touch, lower power consumption, higher display brightness, even in noisy Better performance around the charger.

Kyocera Engineering Technology Manager Kobayashi said: "We continue to bring innovative smartphone design to customers in all regions of the world. In order to provide customers with the best touch screen performance, we choose Atmel maXTouch controller to ensure no time at all. Awkward touch performance."

Binay Bajaj, Director of Touch Products Marketing at Atmel, said: "Kyocera's Rise, Hydro and Digno S products are the three best smartphones currently available to consumers in the US and Japan. Rise and Hydro are both introductory. The US market offers a convenient touch screen, while Digno S provides a long battery life for the mid-range Japanese market. Atmel looks forward to working with Kyocera to develop future designs."

Key features of Rise and Hydro smartphones include:

- 3.5" HVGA touch screen

- Run on Google AndroidTM 4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system

- 1GHz processor

- 3.2MP camera / camcorder

- Wi-Fi function (hotspot) for connecting to a wireless network

The Rise smartphone also comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and Hydro has an extremely high water resistance.

Rise and Hydro smartphones are currently available in the US market.

The main features of the Digno S smartphone include:

- Use 2,520mAh battery with more than 18 hours of talk time

- 4.7 吋 Android 4.0 mobile phone

- 1.5GHz dual-core product released through KDDI

- Available in three colors: white, pink and blue

Kyocera Digno S smartphones are currently available in the Japanese market.

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