LED light ecological glass

LED light ecological glass The Aobo Group Scientific Research and Product Experience Center exhibited LED-turned eco-glass. The glass uses a light-transmitting material to convert the ultraviolet light in the light into the 660-nm wavelength red light and blue light, which are the most sensitive to plant photosynthesis, to increase plant growth rate and survival rate, and to save energy substantially.

Military  battery has a wide application on some high-tech euquipment including military communications equipment, submarine, drone , warship, government and so on .

The design for Military Battery Pack is more strict than normal lithium or Lipo Battery packs ,because it must meet some tough requirements as ;

1, high-level safety : military Lithium Battery was demanded to provide high-level safety and will not cause any death or accident with High intensity impact and and hit.

2, high reliability: the Military Battery must be reliable and could not causing any problems to the equipments during operating .

3, High environmental adaptability: the military Battery Pack is demanded to use in different temperature ,air pressure and other enviornmental condition.

Military Batteries

Military Batteries : Ni-Mh Battery Pack  BB-390/U

Besides ,the military always have a strict standard on low power self-consuming and deep life cycles .so these above standard has made it special from the other Lithium Battery Pack or other battery packs which applied to life .

Military Batteries

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