The domestic water purifier market brand price difference

The domestic water purifier market brand price difference In the Beijing Gome and other stores, the reporter saw the sale of household water purifier brand there are more than 10, the price ranged from a few hundred dollars to 56-600,000, some consumers feel troubled.

In the home of surprise, a water purifier agent showed reporters a schematic diagram of a home water purification equipment installation. The figure shows that the municipal water flows through the pre-filters, central water purifiers, and softeners installed in the main pipeline and flows to the bathroom and kitchen. In the kitchen there is a drinking water dispenser with the last water purification device, and the purified water can reach drinking standards.

“Soft water dispensers are used more in the north, mainly to reduce the hardness of the water. Bathing in soft water is much cleaner, washing clothes and bedding will be softer and fluffy, and washing dishes and tea sets will not leave stains.” added the agent. "Soft water not only saves detergent, but also improves the service life of pipelines, water heaters, etc."

Another salesperson told the reporter: “Some customers live in the outskirts of the city. There is a secondary pollution problem. You can install pre-filters. Some live in the center of the city. There is a lot of impurities in the municipal water supply. It is recommended to use central clean water. Machines or drinking fountains. Use groundwater for household water, high in heavy metal content, high in hardness, large in drinking fountains and water softeners; while in urban tap water, the smell of residual chlorine is heavy, you can use water purifiers containing activated carbon filter elements."

The reporter observed that the price of the pre-filter is relatively low, and brand-name products can be purchased for thousands of yuan. Water softeners and vertical central water purifiers are mostly between 6,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan, and there are no expensive products with more than 10,000 yuan. The price of drinking fountains is mostly between 1,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan. "Filter cartridges are the main reason for the price difference. The number, composition and filtration of filter elements will affect the price. In addition, the quality of the product will also have an impact," the salesman said.

The reporter noticed that a water purifier brand launched a "package" for water purification equipment, and matched many types of products to meet consumer purchasing needs.

“General customers come to buy water purifiers. We will first ask about the housing area and the number of toilets.” When the sales staff guides shopping, they will be divided into three categories according to the customer's living area: standard, large and villa types. Standard type water softeners are generally recommended for use with direct drinking fountains, large units are recommended for pre-filters, soft water dispensers, and drinking fountains, while villas are recommended to install a full set of equipment.

The reporter found that water softeners and central water purifiers are mostly vertical, similar in size, and drinking fountains are quite the same; straight drinking fountains are mostly tube-type, relatively small size, and more installed in the cabinet.

Experts believe that: "The most important standard of water purifier is the purification effect. The filtration accuracy and removal rate will affect it. Grasping this point will find that most of the water purifiers on the market are not as good as the business people say. Some The product is self-proclaimed with many filter elements and the purification effect may not be as strong as a high-efficiency filter element."

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