Highly flexible language programming allows your habit to choose the system to handle

The sixth Pandora Central Control Encyclopedia will bring you to understand the high flexibility language programming of Pandora Pandora Cloud Central Control System. Dear, please come with me! ! !

A lumberjack used an axe to cut wood every day. Later, he listened to the bald head and said that the chainsaw is easier to use, not only labor-saving, but also fast. So he bought a chainsaw and slashed it toward the trunk... So he cried and said that the fairy tale was a lie. In fact, it is not that the chainsaw is not easy to use, but he will not use it.

With the rapid development of digital technology, the electronic devices used in modern smart homes and video conferencing are becoming more and more diversified. The control of these devices is cumbersome and complicated, so people put forward higher requirements for convenient control methods. Programmable central control system It came into being.

The TAV programmable central control system provides an open programmable control platform and a user-friendly interface. The powerful programmable interface allows the central control unit to control almost all external devices. The user can connect and connect to the computer to set up and operate. It can also be integrated with a flexible wireless touch screen for centralized control.

Both of the above control methods need to be written by the program, and the cumbersome control is concentrated on the computer or the touch screen. The programming mode of ordinary central control is divided into code language and graphical programming. The code language is powerful, but cumbersome and complicated. Ordinary users without professional training can only be discouraged, not the code language is not easy to use, but will not be used; Programming is simple and easy to understand, but the control effect is not as good as the code language.

(cumbersome code language)

(Editing interface of Pandora system programming software)

Pandora system programming software provides a combination of graphical and code language programming methods, combining the advantages of the two, both simple entry, fast-start graphical WYSIWYG, and powerful, deepening Code programming method; effectively meet the needs of programmers with different levels and different requirements; provide corresponding programming learning methods for different customers and engineering companies, covering different knowledge fields, Pandora system high flexibility language programming can be selected by your habits System processing method.

Tips: The next Pandora Control Encyclopedia series will introduce the seamless maintenance of Pandora's Pandora Cloud Central Control System, so stay tuned! ! !

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