Guoxing LED Lighting set up an operation center to easily deal with the problems of Guangxi market

The lighting market in Guangxi is relatively scattered. The professional lighting stores mainly distribute the Guizhong and Guixi markets in the center of Nanning, the Guibei market centered on Liuzhou and Guilin, and the southeastern market in Guilin centered on Yulin. Among them, the lighting of Nanning The largest number of merchants, followed by Liuzhou, the industrial city market in Guangxi.

Guoxing LED lighting dispatched professional sales team to study in the three regions of Guangxi for one month, and deeply understand the two characteristics of Guangxi lighting and lighting market development speed and weak foundation. The business model is mainly based on single store operation, almost no Which brand can stand firm. However, for Guoxing LED lighting, a brand with determination and strength, the crisis is a business opportunity, and it is already moving.

Guoxing LED Lighting finally decided to establish an operation center in Nanning, set up a two-level target, and gradually changed the single-store business model to a national star LED lighting business circle with sustainable and large-scale features.

Adopting the way of integrating engineering and distribution channels, on the one hand, it will focus on supporting the dealers who hold the strength to carry out project bidding, and give services such as project bidding production, scheme design and project implementation; on the other hand, dispatch market experienced business personnel to carry Guoxing's high-quality products are broken down one by one, and the whole Guangxi lighting market is fully opened. (This article is based on Guoxing Optoelectronics submission)

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