2014 High-tech LED Annual Meeting: Seven Great Powers to Solve High-Quality Power Supply

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] In July this year, the National Certification and Accreditation Administration issued the “Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules”, in which LED driver power products were included in the scope of 3C certification, and will be enforced from September 1 next year. The promulgation of this regulation has also pushed many LED drive power companies to the cusp of attention of all parties.

Then, in the face of the upcoming new development trend of the industry, have the public power supply companies made relevant countermeasures? What impact does the current development of the company have? At the same time, what are their views on future industry trends?

From December 12th to 13th, at the 5th Gaogong LED Annual Meeting held in Dongguan Guanlan Lake Dongguan Club, we will invite seven mainstream companies related to the current driving power field, and they will give keynote speeches on this topic. Solve your doubts in your heart.

“LED driver power is the core part of lighting fixtures. It is like a human heart. Whether it has good stability will be the key to its long-term vitality.” Runglai Chairman Wu Jianwei constantly stressed during the interview. The stability of the power supply is important.

“To be good at power supply, quality is absolutely the key.” When talking about the core point of concern for the future driving power industry, Ye Jianbo, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei, said that he still believes in the power of quality, and he also believes that this will be the future. Power companies determine the watershed of success or failure.

“Intelligent lighting is not only a simple dimming, but also other additional functions, such as combining mobile Internet and other tools to move toward smart home.” When talking about the hot Smart Lighting field in time, Mr. Liu Xianwu, chairman of Netac Intelligence, told reporters that the power supply Companies must keep abreast of the latest developments in the market to make products that best meet the needs of the times.

At this high-tech LED conference, Dialog will also share a new power driver IC for intelligent lighting. According to Yan Liang, Director of Dialog Power Conversion Market, this driver IC will use a single winding and single MOS structure to achieve high compatibility dimming performance with the industry's simplest phase-cut dimming flyback circuit.

It is true that there is nothing wrong with keeping up with the trend of the times, but General Manager of the European Union, Jiang Shuxing, believes that how to improve the cost performance of power products is the only rule that determines the survival of enterprises. When talking about how to make cost-effective products, Jiang Shuxing also said that this will have a great connection with the good supply chain of the driving power companies.

For the future development of the power supply industry, Liu Yaoping, vice president of Maoshuo Power, also pointed out that "the future LED drive power will develop in the direction of miniaturization, intelligence and de-energization. At the same time, the standardization mode will also Becoming the core of competition in the future drive power industry."

“In the future, only two companies will survive. One has strong financial strength and can reduce costs through large-scale production. The other is to continuously optimize the supply chain and production process, and rely on excellent quality to cast strong brands. Li Jinhong, general manager of Kegu Power Co., Ltd. concluded.

At that time, related power companies represented by Rungelai, Zhongheng Paiwei, Netac Intelligence, Dialog, Continental Express, Moso Power, and Kegu Power will give a keynote speech on the above topics, and review the power market for a year. Quotes, from the strategic layout of enterprises to the development direction of market segments, through brainstorming to discuss the development of the industry and explore new opportunities for development.

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