"Qiao Bangzhu" Still Received a Few Patents After His Death

"Qiao Bangzhu" Still Received a Few Patents After His Death

According to the MIT Technology Review, although Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away for more than three years, he still has new patents under his name.

As of the end of November, a total of 458 patents had been awarded to Jobs, of which 141 were granted after his death.

Mentioned Jobs's patents, first associated with the Apple series. Most of them are Apple products that have generated a wave of booming trends. For example, the "Apple III" that was launched in 1981, the first-generation "iMac" that made people deeply impressed by Jobs, and the "iPod" that drastically changed the way music is listened to. The touch screen operation becomes the basic configuration of the smartphone, such as the "iPhone."

If you think that Jobs's design is only in the Apple series, it would be too small for him. In March of this year, Cape Cod listed Jobs as a lead inventor in a patent application that covered the idea of ​​using a tablet such as the iPad to manipulate ships.

In August of this year, Apple’s retail store on Fifth Avenue in New York City has successfully applied for a patent for its iconic glass cube design, which includes eight inventors, including Jobs.

Although Steve Jobs is so prolific in the field of patents, the patent blogger FOSS Patents writer Florin Muller still believes that whether he can be regarded as one of the greatest inventors in history is still controversial because of many of its names. Patents are all about design and not technology.

Of the 198 patents applied by Jobs during his lifetime, 191 were design patents and only 7 were invention patents. Even Bill Gates once commented that Jobs was "a design genius."

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