The introduction of new energy grid-connected dispatch specifications

The introduction of new energy grid-connected dispatch specifications

Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the National Energy Administration formally issued wind farms, grid-connected scheduling agreements for photovoltaic power plants, and model texts for purchasing and selling electricity contracts to meet the needs of renewable energy development.

So far, the “Grid-Phase Dispatch Agreement (Demonstration Text)” published in December 2003 ended the “part-time period” for wind farms and photovoltaic power plants. With the issuance of this new model text, the new energy sector has also ushered in. It is its own grid-connected scheduling specification.

“New energy policies, forms of power generation, equipment characteristics, and major differences from grid-connected management to commissioning operations and thermal power, the model text of using thermal power can not basically be applied to the connection of new energy sources and the purchase and sale of electricity. New energy must have Agreements suitable for its development.In the new model texts, the relevant national and industry standards for site monitoring, predictive control equipment, etc. are all involved. Compared with industry standards, it is a legal text and has stronger binding force. Liu Chun, deputy director of the New Energy Research Institute of the China Electric Power Research Institute, said in an interview.

Newly Added Assessments for Multiple Equipment Operations While the installed capacity of new energy represented by wind power and solar photovoltaic in China continues to increase year after year, the rate of new energy grid-connected generation is still not high, and it has become one of the important issues that plague the development of the industry.

Since 2011, the state has issued a series of norms and standards for wind power and photovoltaics to gradually improve the problem of new energy and network difficulties.

Taking wind power as an example, the state has successively issued 18 key technical standards for wind power industry such as the Interim Measures for Management of Forecast and Forecast of Wind Farms Wind Power, and the Technical Specifications for Large Wind Farm Grid Connection Design, and Technical Regulations for Wind Farm Access to Power Systems. Wait.

The announcement of the new model text clearly defined the requirements of terms such as grid-tied scheduling agreement terms, grid connection conditions, dispatch operation, relay protection and safety automatic devices, dispatch automation, etc., and clearly defined the requirements of wind farms, photovoltaic power stations, and power grids. The powers and responsibilities and obligations have legal effect, and they safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of wind farms, photovoltaic power stations and power grid companies, and promote the safe, high-quality and economic operation of the power system. It will help to further standardize the grid-connected dispatching behavior of power grid companies and wind power and photovoltaic power generation companies, and promote energy restructuring. As a result, the state's emphasis on the importance of new energy integration is evident.

In addition, a number of new equipment operation assessments have been added to the new model text. Liu Chun, after carefully reading the model text, told the reporter of “China Power News” that “a wind farm connection scheduling agreement (demonstration text)” (GF-2014-0516) was taken as an example. “The wind farm has been installed. The wind measuring tower is equipped with a real-time wind energy monitoring system and accurately uploads weather data such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and atmospheric pressure according to the requirements of the point dispatching organization; and wind power forecasting system is provided, and the scope and accuracy of prediction meet the assessment requirements.

The real-time forecasting system was not explicitly proposed in the previous standards, but with the wind power forecasting system, the forecasting scope and accuracy meet the assessment requirements. Previously, all industry standards for wind power forecasting systems included the “Functional Specifications of Wind Forecasting System” and the integration of wind power with the network. The national standard GB/T19963, etc., requires the configuration of a wind power forecasting system, but it does not propose a requirement for the evaluation of the forecasting accuracy.

For another example, the reactive power adjustment capability of wind turbine and reactive power compensation device meet the needs of voltage regulation. The selection and configuration of reactive power compensation device conforms to the relevant standards. The response capability (experimental verification of the ex-factory results) and the network protection and control strategy must meet the assessment requirements. .

This time a number of equipment operations included in the scope of assessment, not only is the favorable supervision of stable operation of wind power, new energy into the power grid, ensure the safety of the power grid. In addition, it is the assessment of the quality and reliability of the new energy operation control system and the grid-connected support system to promote the quality and efficiency of the equipment manufacturers.

Increased supervision of grid-connected dispatches "The new model text puts forward higher requirements for grid-connected automation systems. What conditions can be connected to the grid and how it can be coordinated and dispatched after the grid connection requires the grid to interact with new energy generation, but it has now reached It is less than the control effect.This aspect of grid-connected dispatching is a requirement put forward by the power grid, and it has a smaller scale and no regulatory mechanism at first. Now, with the gradual development of new energy integration, the grid will increase the regulatory requirements for grid-connected dispatch. The issuance of the model text is more standardized for the implementation and supervision of new energy grid integration,” said Zhou Yunwei, director of grid scheduling for Beijing Dongrun Huaneng Technology Co., Ltd., said.

At present, in the face of problems such as abandoning wind and abandoning light, power grid companies and new energy power generation companies often have public relations and public relations. The contradiction between large-scale investment in the construction of new energy in China and the lagging capacity of power grids has caused hidden troubles in the operation of power grids, and has also brought about problems such as the low efficiency of new energy power generation operations. The introduction of the new grid-connected dispatch protocol text is conducive to standardizing the grid-connected management of wind power and other new energy power sources, and improving the grid's capacity to accommodate new energy sources such as wind power.

In addition, due to the increase in access standards for new energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic, related equipment manufacturers have to increase the relevant indicators for equipment monitoring and operation to meet the requirements for new energy grid connection. Most companies think this is good for the company. The signing of the agreement will eliminate outdated small-scale enterprises and regulate industry competition.

Lin Boqiang, director of the Energy Economics Research Center at Xiamen University, said: “The new model text has made grid connection more standardized, and it has played a catalytic role in the connection of new energy sources and reduced some of the difficulties in grid connection. The grid company has promised that the government has also been committed to it. To solve the problem of grid connection.

However, the problem of grid connection is not simply to pull up the line, but also related to the local market capacity issues, whether the timely delivery of electricity outside the region where the wind power is abundant, and whether the route is smooth. New energy power is not stable, so there are technical and scheduling problems. It is difficult to solve problems through the norms alone. It involves some operational problems. How to use new energy after grid connection and what impact on the power grid also requires the grid and power generation The business is solved step by step. ”

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