Taobao lighting shop owner was transferred to 10,000 frauds and 20,000 loans

On November 23, Mr. Wei, who was doing the lighting business on the Internet, told reporters that he had been scammed online scam four days ago and was not only transferred by the swindler to $13,000 in cash. Even more hateful is that the liar also used his Alipay account to handle a small loan of 20,000 yuan.

Mr. Wei’s hometown is in Sichuan. He opened a small store in Taobao six months ago to sell lamps. At 3:00 pm on November 19, Mr. Wei’s Ali Wangwang suddenly popped up a message. The other party said that he bought a ceiling lamp in Mr. Wei's shop, but the address was wrong. Mr. Wei asked the other party to send the new address, but the other party let Mr. Wei directly cancel the transaction. “I didn’t think much, I canceled the transaction.” Not long after, the other party said that because Mr. Wei forced the cancellation of the transaction, the Alipay accounts of both of them were frozen and a link was sent.

Mr. Wei clicked on the link and found it was a strange web page, which was closed. Soon, he opened his Alipay account and found that the account could not be transferred. At this time, a "Taobao customer service" contacted Mr. Wei on Aliwangwang to ask for his mobile number. Soon, “Taobao Customer Service” called and asked why Mr. Wei had to cancel the transaction. Mr. Wei said about things after a while, "customer service" will comfort Mr. Wei, said that it can solve the problem of Alipay frozen, but to remotely operate Mr. Wei's computer. Mr. Wei checked the Internet and found that the other party's phone was actually Alipay's customer service phone, and he agreed.

"Taobao Customer Service" began to control Mr. Wei's computer through Aliwangwang's remote assistance function. After some operation, the other party called again and asked Mr. Wei to tell him some verification codes. After a while, Mr. Wei landed in the Alipay account and found that 10,000 yuan was taken away. A bank card tied to Alipay was also taken away by more than 3,000 yuan. The most terrible thing is that the other party used his Alipay and applied for a small loan of 20,000 yuan. Mr. Wei quickly called the "customer service", no one answered. Mr. Wei realized that he was cheated and rushed to the police.

In the past 4 days, Mr. Wei’s shop has sold a total of more than 2,000 yuan, but due to the application for a loan, it was directly deducted by the Taobao system. "I looked at my heartache, this year is a busy day." Mr. Wei said angrily.

The police said that this is a new type of online scam. The scammers pretend to be online shopping customers, shop in Taobao stores, and then request cancellation orders. Subsequently, the scammer used various means to temporarily freeze the victim's Alipay. After that, the scammer pretends to be Taobao customer service personnel, requests remote operation of the victim's computer, transfers the money in the victim's Alipay account, and uses his Alipay account to apply for a loan.

The police reminded that you should not let strangers use QQ, Ali Wangwang and other remote assistance to operate their computers, because once remote control is enabled, anyone can control your computer through the network in different places.

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