Home theater decoration strong and weak electric wiring precautions

As the economy develops, more and more people are planning to build home theaters. Before starting your own plan, there are many factors to consider, such as the positioning of the space, the living room or the study, such as the size of the area, the larger the projector, the smaller the flat-panel TV. In addition, the choice of furniture, the design of the wall, and the desire to build a perfect home theater, not only economically invested, but also the preparation of energy is not afraid of trouble.

Of course, many of the above problems can be dealt with by themselves. Even if they are not perfect, they will not have much impact in the later stage. But the most troublesome thing is the wiring problem. If you don't have any relevant accumulation, it is very difficult to completely rely on your own power. It is difficult to complete the wiring design. .

Flat-panel TVs, projectors, and other home theater devices require power support. Some friends may find that the power supply is simple. In fact, there are also many studies, and the power supply wiring may affect the home theater. overall effect.

Specifically, the power supply wiring is divided into strong power and weak power wiring. Strong electricity generally refers to the power cord of the equipment. Home theater equipment has higher requirements for power supply. It is best to take several wires directly from the incoming line. The wiring of the power supply box of the audio-visual room should be separated from the outgoing line, and separated according to the direction and the current, and the rectangle is fixed, and the line card is used separately.

Weak electricity mainly includes telephone lines, network lines, cable TV lines, audio lines, audio lines, and so on. The weak current pipe exhaust method is almost the same as the strong electricity, and also wears PVC pipe. It is better that the cross section of the wire does not exceed 40% of the cross section of the PVC pipe. Again, don't wear too much, and strong and weak electricity must not be worn in the same tube. And try to separate, the distance between strong and weak electricity is at least 20 cm, otherwise there will be interference. In addition, the quality of various wires must be too hard to meet the 20-year normal use as the bottom line.

It is very important that the wiring of the power supply is good or bad. If the various power cables are mixed together, there may be interference. The ordinary commercially available power strips may affect the clarity and sound quality of the home theater picture. Some people buy the most expensive wire and equipment, but do not pay attention to the wiring of the power supply, which will not get good results.

There are some things to note about the wiring of the speakers. When wiring, the line should be as straight as possible, and try not to bend around because the long surrounding line will cause loss of audio signal and affect the sound quality of the speaker. When burying the speaker line conditionally, be careful not to let the line directly touch the ground. It needs to be sleeved in it, so be careful not to tie it. More home theater decoration wiring knowledge, welcome to pay attention to the home theater network official WeChat: cnhifi.

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