Donghao Optoelectronics Chen Jiang: Innovation to master the future

[Source: "High-tech LED" magazine March issue (total issue 63) Wen | Deputy General Manager of Dongpu Optoelectronics Chen Jiang] In 2014, with the rapid development of the LED industry, the industry's competition has also entered a white-hot stage, one The series of LE D manufacturers running events have added a shadow to the development of the LED industry, and also make the packaging companies in the middle of the market face more brutal competition.

In the environment of market chaos and lack of standards, blindly following the trend and blindly pursuing immediate interests, regardless of product quality, can not solve the long-term development problems of enterprises.

As a high-power packaging company that has been operating for nearly 10 years, Dongsheng Optoelectronics found that the packaging factories in the middle of LED have no core technology. In the case of technology being controlled by upstream chip factories, the homogenization competition of products leads to The result will be a bad price war and a drop in gross margin. How to deal with the problems faced by most packaging plants in this market, the author believes:

The survival and development of LED packaging companies cannot be separated from product innovation.

At present, the white LEDs used in lighting-grade products, no matter from the original imitation lumens, or the integrated LEDs and COBs that are popular in the market, are not really standardized devices.

This also brings a lot of inconvenience to the customer during the use process, and also makes the LED packaging factory bring great challenges in the production of the product. How to integrate LEDs into standard devices in practice is also the development direction behind high-power LEDs.

In order to make white LEDs a standard device to facilitate the use of customers, Dongsheng Optoelectronics continues to innovate. Since the successful launch of the first generation of high-power LEDs for the street lamps (double hump-type LEDs, saving two light distributions for streetlight customers) to the market in 2006, by 2010, an innovative LED lamp for streetlights has been introduced every year. And lead the trend in the market.

Since 2012, we have invested a large amount of money to purchase an advanced fully automatic 3535 production line. After careful and careful research and accumulated experience, Dongsheng Optoelectronics quickly mastered the technologies of phosphor coating, LED Molding and dicing cutting, and followed the steps of CREE and other international manufacturers to launch XP3535 white light, which is pulled by most domestic high-power packaging manufacturers. The development distance of the product. XP3535 products have: low thermal resistance and high luminous efficiency, small size, flexible design, fully automatic integrated molding process, good light source uniformity, wide viewing angle, high luminous flux maintenance rate, etc.; widely used in street lighting, tunnel lights and other general lighting.

In order to better improve the standard deviceization of LE D, in 2014, we successfully developed the 1515 size CSP product, which has some features of the 3535 model, but also has smaller size, more compact design and no gold wire package. Flip-chip eutectic process, long-term high-current resistance, thermal resistance as low as 0.2 watts per watt, and higher reliability.

Compared with the LED package products such as imitation lumens, integrated type and COB type on the market, customers are more convenient to design various types of external dimensions during use. The same luminous surface can also make more power and produce more. High brightness, more stable structure, and more convenient for customers' large-scale production.

From the development trend of the market, the future small size, high power and high optical density output devices will mainly develop towards the flip chip LED process. In 2015, Dongsheng Optoelectronics will focus on the further innovation of XP3535 and CSP1515 products, and provide customers with high-performance, high-quality packaging products based on perfect quality management system.

Innovation requires continuous investment by the company. Dongsheng Optoelectronics always adheres to the improvement of industry standards and guides the industry trend as its mission. With advanced packaging equipment and understanding and application of new technologies, Dongpu has achieved innovation in its products and established its own technical standards and quality systems. With these advantages, we believe that in the market environment where product homogeneity is serious and the price war in the industry is bad, Dongpu will be able to lead the trend and grasp the future.

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