Beijing Junzheng becomes a Tencent TOS+ strategic partner

On April 28, 2015, Tencent announced on its “Connected Unlimited, TOS + Intelligent Hardware Open Platform Strategy Conference” that Beijing Junzheng became one of its partners in ecosystem construction. TencentOS is Tencent's operating system for wearable devices such as smart phones and smart watches. Tencent will integrate its own rich application resources, including Internet services, voice services, cloud services, etc., to create wearable devices such as smart watches. A brand new service platform. As one of its strategic partners, Beijing Junzheng will provide Tencent with a standard hardware reference design solution. Based on Junzheng's powerful hardware solution + Tencent TOS+ platform, application developers or makers will be able to easily develop a variety of applications. Rich application.

Around the smart watch to build such a complete ecosystem from hardware to OS to application services, why did Tencent choose Beijing Junzheng among many chip solution vendors? We believe that there are several main reasons. First, Beijing Jun is the first semiconductor manufacturer to enter the smart wear field in China. It has experience and technology accumulation from chip design to production and processing. The first batch of smart watches listed in China include husks. The first generation of smart watches, Tuman's first generation / second generation smart watches, etc. have adopted their plans. The second is that Beijing Junzheng's chip solution has low power consumption characteristics. Its XBurst processor dynamic power consumption is one-third of that of similar platforms in the market, and the standby power consumption of the whole machine is one-half of that of similar platforms. Third, as a local company, Beijing Junzheng is closer to users, able to better understand user needs and provide technical support and other services. Finally, the company developed dedicated processor chips M200 and Newton platforms for wearable devices such as smart watches, providing higher computing power and interface expansion capabilities to support the development of richer applications.

According to Beijing Junzheng, the platform they developed is in line with Apple's Apple Watch in terms of user experience, but the cost of the solution is only a fraction of the latter, and the cost-effective advantage is outstanding.

In the era of intelligent hardware, we find that there are some new trends in the industry. Intelligent hardware with application and service content as the core value meets the needs of users' intelligent and higher experiences, including traditional processor chip manufacturers, solution companies, and terminal manufacturers. Cloud enterprises have built their own ecosystems. Take the processor supplier as an example. Simply providing a chip can no longer meet the needs of customers. For this reason, Beijing Junzheng is the representative. They are advancing with the times and actively exploring, providing a complete platform for wearable and IoT applications. The solution, through its own resource integration and cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers, builds a complete ecosystem from chips, modules, intelligent hardware, APP to cloud services, and builds platform-based services.

It is reported that Beijing Junzheng will hold the "Core-based IoT, Smart Unlimited Strategy Conference" in Shenzhen on May 12 to comprehensively interpret the transformation strategy in the new era, which is worthy of attention from domestic manufacturers engaged in Internet of Things and wearable devices.

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