How to use "Internet +" to detonate intelligent lighting

[Source: "High-tech LED" magazine April issue (total 64th issue) | Shanghai Shunzhou Technology Co., Ltd. CMO Xiao Zhen] As an important part of smart home, intelligent lighting is the most widely distributed node in the room. It is consistently optimistic by traditional lighting companies, maker developers and even Internet + giants.

Traditional system integrators rely on buses and carriers to implement smart lighting solutions, primarily in buildings, communities, and villas. Strictly speaking, it is not called intelligent lighting, it can only be regarded as the automatic control of lighting. Due to the high price, the complicated handling of construction is not humanized, and it has been a niche market for more than a decade, and it has not produced a company with huge growth prospects.

The wave of this intelligent lighting is driven by Internet companies. They need to connect more hardware devices, including lights, to the Internet, and store more big data in the cloud for the future Internet of Everything. With the focus of the media and the enthusiasm of investors, Maker developers are constantly emerging. Throughout 2014, there have been many entrepreneurial teams that specialize in intelligent lighting. At the same time, traditional lighting manufacturers are not to be missed, and they are trying to make themselves The pig of the vent, the "flying pig" has become the totem of the intelligent lighting industry.

One year has passed, the wind is still there, but only the pigs are called to see no pigs flying. There is no smart lighting product that has become the star product that users chase, and then the wind is also “emergency”. In January 2015, Xiaomi took the lead in turning the wind and launched the smart home kit. Although there is no smart light bulb in this suit, it is clear that the YEELIGHT smart bulb that Xiaomi has launched can be docked. As a company that shouts to build its own smart home ecology, Xiaomi is undoubtedly a fighter.

Learning Xiaomi has become the unspoken rule of love and hate in the smart home industry. So after the Spring Festival of 2015, major Internet companies and traditional home appliance giants began to launch their own smart home kits, Jingdong, Huawei, Lenovo, and I believe that Haier, the United States, Gree will soon be launched, the list will be longer and longer. The basic technical route is to use ZIGBEE as the smart host of the home, and then use smart security and intelligent lighting as the bottom center of the smart home system to graft more smart home appliances and other smart products.

In the past two years, Xiaomi has been invincible in the smart phone market with its Internet thinking 7 words (extreme, word of mouth, focus, fast!), and the unprecedented success of Xiaomi mobile power has once again verified the myth that Xiaomi can't beat. But the myth has always ended, and the pigs that have been blown up always have the day to land.

Since Xiaomi entered the smart home with intelligent routing as the entry-level product, smart sockets, smart light bulbs and smart home kits have not shown the millet-style performance in the market. Intelligent routing millet wants to rely on blitz to quickly occupy the market and reach at least 5 million. The size of the user, but one million users have been out of date for a year.

That time, the smart home kit can really become a fighter for smart lighting, let the flying pigs set their shapes and fly? Lei Jun even proposed that the government introduce a unified national standard for smart homes as soon as possible during the two sessions. This is a 10-year standard that has been entangled in the traditional smart home integrators. From the mouth of Internet thinking, Rebs said that it is really a pit of people's wrists, and you don't discuss it unless the state shoots.

As a grassroots, open, free, and collaborative Internet thinking, when can we rely on government standards to become a thing? The Internet has been developing for so many years. Whether it is for the media industry, retail or even finance, it is based on the market and the user's efforts. After the barbaric rapid growth, the official attention is paid to the establishment of regulations.

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