How to install a third-party application tutorial

How to install sofa manager TV application market in Xiaomei Box V9, download and install on-demand software such as one-click software?
The small beauty box V9 installs the sofa butler through the U disk, this tutorial applies to the small beautiful box V9, the small beautiful box X8 and its similar models

Installation procedure introduction
1 Download the installation file to U disk → 2U disk connection box → 3 Application Center / My Applications / All Applications / File Manager → 4 Complete the installation

Installation procedure details
1. Download the sofa butler: , copy into U disk;

2. Connect the U disk to V9, enter the Application Center - My Applications - All Applications - File Manager ;

3. Find the sofa manager's installation package you just downloaded and click Install. Once installed, you can open the sofa butler directly.

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After installing the sofa butler, you can quickly install all kinds of video, music, game applications, sofa butler → recommended → TV must have a lot of commonly used applications, such as live broadcast can use HDP on demand pudding video.

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