More sensual than 3D TV! 9D TV Analysis

Recently, the British Daily Mail reported that scientists are working on 9D TV. The so-called 9D TV refers to a TV set that combines the sense of smell and sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and fresh five kinds of taste on the basis of a 3D TV. It enables us to drive all senses while watching TV. How does a 9D TV work compared to a 3D TV?

It is understood that 9D TV's working principle is to use ultrasound to transmit to the skin according to the air flow, and bring people's feelings to stimulate people's emotions along with this air flow signal.

At present, the team is still studying other related technologies, developing human sense of smell and touch, combining the sense of smell and tastes such as bittersweetness and so on, so as to be able to manipulate human senses.

If this kind of device is installed in the television, then the user will be more invested and more sensational than the 3D TV when watching TV. When a touching screen appears on the TV, it will automatically touch the user's sad emotions and make the user cry. Conversely, it will stimulate the user's emotions and laugh.

The Origin and Development of 9D TV

Causes: Today's advanced 3D TVs enable depth and breadth of flat images to make them come to life, but they are not enough to create truly exciting visuals.

Experiment: Aubrist and his research team at the University of Sussex are developing a hand-held hair dryer that can generate gusts of different speeds through the ultrasonic speaker, stimulate the nerves in different parts of the palm, and give users a variety of emotions. Studies have shown that although the emotions that are triggered depend on the location and strength of the touch, different areas of the hand are already connected to produce different emotions.

Progressive results: As of now, there are already some technologies that try to manipulate people's taste and smell. People who participated in the first study experienced that sweetness was smoother or rounder, while sourness was more “sharp”. The team found that they were able to create a "taste library" for the participants by discovering the taste of the participants' unique experiences.

The concept of 9D TV: Prof. Obriste stated that he will soon be able to truly achieve a compelling and multifaceted media experience, such as nine-dimensional television.

Through the above understanding, is everyone looking forward to the future of 9D TV? From the current point of view, perhaps 9D TV is still far away from us. However, what it presents is a kind of technological advancement that deserves attention.

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