LED smart light bulb flooding smart lights turned out

Speaking of smart bulbs, there are already some colors on the market that can turn into what you want, App control switches and more. But in fact, these are all "pseudo-intelligence" functions, which must be changed manually or in advance. However, today this i-light DOUBLE is also known as a smart light bulb, so how smart is it? Here I will bring everyone to experience.

From the perspective of the outer packaging, in addition to the above LED light bulb picture and text, the other really can't see that this is a light bulb product. After opening, you will see three schematics in parallel. They are sensors, LED strips, and power adapters. The same three things are all packed in kraft paper. We took out the inside of the object, there are 2 sensors, 1 power adapter, 1 splitter, 2 LED lights, 1 small rag and 1 small kit.

These objects are separately disassembled, the sensor is relatively small in size, and the protruding part is an inductive head, which can sense light changes in the range of 120° or human motion. On the back of the sensor, there will be a time adjustment, this is the time to control the LED light to last for a long time, the default is 30 seconds, we can also adjust to 10 minutes. In addition, the groove position is used for fixing.

This LED light has a circle with a round connection at the end and an LED strip at the other end. This strip can be trimmed as needed, and the back is a 3M double-sided tape. A closer look reveals that there are many LEDs on the strip, namely LEDs, and resistors. The light strip is made of transparent rubber, so the texture is very soft, so we don't have to worry too much about the peeling of the corners when the light strips are attached.

The kit contains two clips and a sensor spinner. They are used to fix the wires and sensors separately.

After introducing these items, we will enter the installation process. The installation of this smart light bulb is not difficult, but the location we install ourselves needs to be conceived. We start with the connection. One end of the power adapter is connected to one end of the splitter, and the side of the splitter is connected to the sensor and the LED strip. The connectors are connected in a complementary manner, so there is no pressure in this part.

After the connection is made, the installation guide recommends that we clean and wipe the surface to be installed. Then we will put the button and the sensor on the card first, just close the knob and the groove of the sensor and twist it. . Then tear off the 3M double-sided adhesive protection layer on the back of the turn button and attach it to the position where it needs to be installed. Here to remind you, the choice of sensor installation location, try to choose a location that allows the sensor to feel the movement of the person or can directly feel the brightness of the environment, the installation guide also has a suggested location. I intend to install it under the desktop as well.

Followed by the installation of the LED strip, after cleaning and wiping the surface to be installed, I chose to install the LED strip around the desktop, while installing the 3M double-sided tape attached to the back of the strip. The protective layer. This makes it easy to install along the edge. If the length has a prominent portion, it can be cut with scissors or the like.

After installing these, we found that these wires are scattered. We can use two clips to fix the wires, so that the wires will not be loose, which is both beautiful and safe.

The installation is over here, then we plug in the power and turn off the ambient light, the LED strip lights up immediately. Having said that, everyone will ask, what is the special i-light in the end? Where is the intelligence? The key is in this sensor, this sensor can feel the change of ambient light, when we turn off the ambient light, the brightness When the change is made, the sensor can control the LED light to turn on. We can adjust the time of this continuous opening, as described above. In addition, the brightness of the LED light is also changed according to the actual situation, this intelligent adjustment can save electricity costs to a certain extent. Then, when there is a person walking, the sensor can also adjust the LED light switch according to the change, so that the person goes out. The design idea of ​​this product is to let the LED light turn on or off automatically, instead of needing to be adjusted manually. Of course, if the LED has more colors, it may make it more useful.

Smart bulbs in smart homes are a very basic but important part. If the products themselves can be extended from here, this will definitely make the whole industry chain of smart homes more complete. Our current smart homes need a very high level of IoT. The high state is to support, otherwise it will lose the meaning of the association and lose the meaning of intelligence. Smart home manufacturers should think about it if it is a product of the IoT, not the same product in the IoT.

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