Love in the eyes - Chuango IP116 network camera use evaluation

How to describe the pace of life of modern people? Go back to the evening and go to the stars and wear the moon? Maybe in a period of rapid development of such a society, we must fight for a better life. Perhaps it is clear that such a life will cause us to lose too many and better things, but all kinds of reality helplessness make us have no choice. Taiwanese cartoonist Zhu Deyong once said that many fathers have no hands in children's drawings. Because fathers work too busy and have little time with their children, they can't think of what they have done with their father. I am afraid it will be even harder to work. In the same way, how many dads know how their children are when they are toddlers and babblers? Is there really a better balance between work, children and families?

The author brings you today a high-definition love WiFi network camera IP116, it was born meaning is to make love no distance. The camera is equipped with Amazon AWS cloud service platform, using SONY's latest IMX238 image sensor, with 110 ° wide-angle lens and low-light night vision technology, support two-way intercom, Micro SD card storage. Users can watch and talk remotely anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone APP. They can also share the device with family members or friends and share the happy “View” world. It is worth mentioning that the device is used together with the Chuango alarm system to provide a full-featured visual home security system, making the home more secure.

What is the actual experience of this product? Let's take a look together below!


The Chuango IP116 camera is packaged in plain English. I think it may be because Chuanggao’s products have been selling well in Europe and America. The overall package is therefore more fashionable and more technically sensible. With the help of graphics, users can learn about the product. The appearance and function descriptions are very intuitive.

The new packaging outer layer plus a layer of plastic film protection, to ensure that users get the product is indeed a new product without unpacking, and second, to facilitate transportation.

Side stickers in Chinese indicate the company's full name, address and free technical support 400 calls, details are very considerate.

When the outer packaging retreats, what appears before it is an extremely concise pure white box with only the seal with the Chuango logo attached.

Looking forward to opening the box!

Open the white box, the first thing that catches the eye is IP116 dark big eyes, really amazing. Compact packaging, classic black and white color, it is extraordinarily upscale.


Finally met the true colors, IP116 physical looks more translucent than the top of the packaging, compared to those fancy colors, Chuanggao seems more in love with simple black and white, upright body, full of sense of technology and no lack of smart atmosphere.

(Package contains: IP116 camera, Quick Operation Guide, Gadgets, Warning Stickers, Camera Mounts, Mounting Stickers)

The layout of the back vents is also quite elaborate, while achieving the best cooling effect, but also further enhance the visual aesthetics of the product. Below the radiator is the power USB interface, product identification anti-counterfeiting QR code.

The side is IP116 memory card slot and WPS/Reset button, IP116 supports card storage, 24 hours TF card cycle video storage, mobile phone with point to watch, regular video. The WPS/Reset key is used for WPS network configuration or factory reset.

The surface is treated with exquisite polishing technology, in addition to the visual crystal clear, the touch is also very delicate, moist and jade.

The stand of the Chuango IP116 network camera can be rotated 360° flexibly, which can easily give the user more perspective.

The non-slip rubber is added to the base to make the product more stable. There are product specifications and CE certification printed on it, which proves that the Chuango IP116 network camera is trustworthy.


Before the distribution network is used, do two preparatory tasks: 1 Connect the IP116 camera power supply. When the blue indicator light flashes, the camera is powered on.

2 Mobile Application Market Search "IP116 Camera", download and install. Of course, there is a precondition for ensuring that there is WiFi available around you. The IP116 network camera also enables remote viewing and two-way intercom via a WiFi distribution network.

Open the APP and click on the Add Camera, the author browsed again and found, you can directly lose the instructions, Chuango IP116 distribution network operation is much simpler than you think, and there are operating instructions in the APP above, follow the prompts to operate. This makes the author think of the first time when playing online games, NPC meticulous guidance to small white players in every possible way, Chuanggao company can be described as well-intentioned.

Use the reset pin in the packing tool to long press the reset button for 3 seconds. The IP116 drops one tone and the red indicator light flashes slowly. At this time, the IP116 is searching for the network.

The mobile phone opens the WiFi settings and selects the HD WiFi Cam. After the connection is successful, it returns to the APP. Enter the camera name, the author will just start a "little nest" it, enter the device password, the default password 888888, enter your own WiFi name and password, click "OK."

The blue light of the camera is always on, OK, indicating that the camera and mobile phone distribution network is successful, and now you can watch the screen through your mobile phone!

I imagined a very complicated webcam, so it was done in twos and threes. The author was a little excited. First look at the screen display, the interface displays the CHUANGO English logo, camera lens icon, camera name, monitoring screen, camera, video, intercom, monitor, followed by a special circular icon, click on the camera settings.

Back to the main interface The finger slides to the right and is the main menu of the camera. Clicking more, you can set APP four-digit password, this design is very good, can effectively protect user privacy, of course, you can also choose not to set a password, APP with the point of view. There are FAQs, IP116 version descriptions, comments, and you can click on the contents to download the APP.

The upper left of the monitoring screen is the time display. If the screen time is different from the time of the mobile phone, click the round button below to enter the setting interface and click the synchronization time.

These basic settings are a little groping, are very simple, let us take a look at the most concerned about the screen display. In light conditions, IP116 network camera is very good at the ability to restore color, color picture is very clear, vivid hue.

Because the light is good enough, capturing such a clear picture may not be enough to explain what we are going to do with the night vision effect. According to the official website of Chuango IP116, IP116 has low-light night vision technology, no fear of darkness, ultra-low light can also be color imaging, let's experience.

The lighting is darker. In order to let everyone see the indoor light conditions more clearly, I used Samsung's latest S6 phone to photograph the situation at the time. (Samsung S6 has 16 million pixels, the same Sony lens, under the low light can shoot high-quality photos of the slogan, the evening photography effect beyond the iphone 6)

The author turned off the lights in the living room, only turned on the bedroom lights, and the bedroom lights passed into the living room through the door seams. In this case, the picture of the IP116 really made the author feel amazing. Every detail of the room was shown in the picture, and the color imaging effect was even it is good. Video quality has three choices: high, medium, and low. You can switch to the most suitable view according to your network environment.

What wonderful pictures to see when a child is playing or when the child is naughty can capture photos or videos and share them with friends, or directly send the device's QR code to friends. Friends can scan through the downloaded IP116 APP to achieve online. Watch. Chuango IP116 network camera is equipped with Amazon AWS cloud platform, the server is more stable, and supports unlimited friends to watch online at the same time.

to sum up:

Imagine: When you are on a business trip or on weekends, you can turn on your cell phone and you can see everything the distant person cares about. It's great to feel at home whenever you are tutoring your child for homework, to talk with your parents, and to see if your pet is alone at home. And IP116 network camera is a high value of the device, I believe it will be welcomed by everyone.

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