How to Install Third-Party Applications for Skyworth Box Q+

Skyworth box Q+ how to install the sofa butler TV application market, a key to download and install on-demand software such as on-demand APP?
Skyworth Box Q+ installs a sofa housekeeper via a USB stick . This tutorial is applicable to Skyworth Box Q+, Skyworth IQI 4K Ultra Clear Box i71s, S800 and similar models.

Installation procedure introduction
1 Download the sofa butler installation file to U disk → 2U disk to connect Skyworth box Q+ → 3 File Manager read U disk to install → 4 Complete the installation
Installation method details
1. Download the sofa butler: , copy into U disk;

2. Insert the U disk into the Skyworth box Q+ and enter the application - Media Center - File Management - External Storage;

3 to find the just downloaded sofa butler installation package, click Install;

4. Once installed, you can open the sofa butler directly.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Sofa butler official exchange QQ group 397262827

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After the sofa butler is installed, you can quickly install all kinds of video, music, games, early education and other applications directly on the TV. The sofa butler → recommendation → TV must have many common applications, such as HDP on-demand, on-demand pudding video.

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