Nintendo Switch really looks really purple! The system occupies 6GB

[Summary] A video has recently exposed the Nintendo Switch operating system. Many system details haven't been run. Come! Sneak!

Tencent Digital (Mangofish)

Nintendo's next-generation host Switch really makes Japanese players dead

The official release date has been finalized

Nintendo is still hiding (Uncle is so capricious)

Now even the system of Switch is not known!

More exasperating is that

The National Experience Tour has begun

Staff can say nothing to exit the game to see the system

Bad review! Bad review!

I knew someone would understand the player’s voice

Recently, someone on the NeoGAF has revealed a short video clip of Switch's operating system.

Say it is possible to look at exposure video early on the official release.

Excited to cry

So mud Meng also come to see God's mystery Switch exactly what kind!

First built-in capacity is 32GB, free space 25.9GB, that is, the system occupies 6GB, the feeling is still quite a lot, smaller than iOS 10, but you do not have iOS rich function!

However, the micro SD card can alleviate the lack of capacity, you can't see the iPhone.

Do not have a Sleep Mode sleep mode, home button back to the main interface need not say, the main interface sidebar news feed push

If you want to play again, you need to press the same button three times

This design can prevent accidental wake up, after all, Switch can be used as a handheld


Switch supports up to 8 users, each with its own name and avatar

The system theme is black and white and two modes are available. From the empty place, you can also download other topics.

3DS users are not familiar with wow!

Screen brightness can be adjusted steplessly by touch screen

After all, the five-speed adjustments on the DS/3DS and Wii U are too old.

After watching this freshly released exposure video, forget about it!

Or else wait for the official listing on March 3 to feel fresh!

Source: Ars Technica

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