New Apple TV will support 4K and HDR Domestic Boxes

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will release the fifth-generation Apple TV this year. Its biggest selling point is support for 4K resolution and "more vivid colors" (perhaps related to HDR).
Bloomberg’s report did not contain any other information related to this Apple TV, but it disclosed to us that Apple’s previous expectations for this set-top box product.
It is reported that Apple originally intended to replace the cable set-top box with live TV streaming with Apple TV, and even consider adding a gamepad to compete with the Xbox or PlayStation game console.
The current Apple TV model that was sold currently has a prototype with a coaxial interface that is intended to replace the set-top box and control the complete TV experience. And Apple also plans to charge users a certain service fee and share revenue with cable TV and multimedia companies.
However, in December last year, Apple's final release of Apple TV did not receive cable signal capabilities.
Bloomberg’s article portrays Apple’s grand blueprint for Apple TV, but their aggressive profitability has hindered product development. However, taking into account the former Amazon Fire TV supervisor Timothy Twerdhal's participation, it seems that the company has not given up its plan.
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