A bag of three size form man should be so strong domineering

[Abstract] TAB is a cleverly designed bag that can be freely switched between three sizes, becoming a shoulder bag, mountaineering bag, suitable for a variety of occasions.

Tencent digital (Ben) men's demand for the package is undoubtedly very real

Easy to use, practical and durable is enough

After all, men’s natural properties are different from women’s

Do not need a pile of bags with different shapes and colors as accessories


Is there a "bag that only men need?"

It is not easy to meet this requirement

The TAB team spent a year and finally reached this goal

Is there a sense of “being big, small, and beautiful?”

Yes, the feature of TAB bags is that they can be smaller and larger

Its principle is not complicated

Actually it is a pretty big cross-bundle

Maximum space is 62L

And can switch between 46.5L and 31L

By neodymium magnet snaps and clever design

Achieve multiple usage patterns

For example, the smallest size can be used as a commuter bag

The middle size is suitable for a weekend holiday

The largest size obviously allows you to bring more clothes and shoes in your travels

TAB can also be a very good sports bag or mountaineering bag

Loading sports and outdoor gear is not a problem

Flexible strap design

Can switch between handkerchief, single room and double shoulders

When not in use

TAB can also "knead" into a group

For example, you take a suitcase to travel

It also does not occupy any space

In addition, TAB is also made of waterproof, high-toughness nylon cloth

Hardware components such as zippers also use the famous Duraflex brand

Don't worry about price

99 US dollars (about 680 yuan) is basically within the tolerance of the average male

No problem with the last few years

You guys don’t have to worry about finding the right package

Source: kickstarter

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