Finally there is a year-end prize, a new year gift for your friends: MSI MSI Aegis x3 console

In addition, the landlord has a basic friend who has been in a public institution for ten years. Last year, he moved to a company. After half a year in the enterprise, he finally felt the feeling of year-end awards at the end of the year. He wanted to buy a computer and treat himself. Find the landlord. However, because the landlord planned to go out for the New Year, he dismissed the idea of ​​diy and bought an e-sports host directly.

When it was bought 18,200 years ago, it is now down 17999, and the base friend said there was a loss of billions of dollars.

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One, out of the box

To be honest, I have always been repulsive to branding machines, especially traditional brands, such as a certain general, a certain kind of like, before helping people to repair the computer is also quite a lot, often see that kind of CPU with an i7, graphics card with This GT610 host of this wonderful collocation, so I directly pass these brands.

Before listening to MSI’s e-sports host, we learned that the configuration was still relatively balanced. The so-called buying of new products did not buy the old ones. Kabylake just went public, so it placed an Aegis X3.

Packaging appearance, black and red with patterns, embellished the shape of the host.

Various blow points on the back.

The mainframe is protected by a velvet bag and the accessories are all placed in a box.

List of accessories, power cord, wifi antenna, driver disk, manual, HDMI adapter, etc.

In fact, the host is not large, 7700K + Z270 + GTX1080 8G + dual M.2 SSD and other accessories can actually compete in such a small chassis, it is still not easy.

The shape of the host is a little "iron man in flight", and the lines are very strong. Of course, players who like Minimalist style do not like this irregular complex shape.

There is a headphone hanging on each side.

It's just like using drops.

front face.

MSI's gaming dragon, from the motherboard to the graphics card to the whole machine, this stuff can be seen everywhere. Power will shine, but it is still RGB, and the color and flicker frequency can be controlled by software.

USB3.0 and 3.1 TypeC interface, now mobile devices such as mobile phones begin to use TypeC interface, with this interface, easy to copy data or charge. The USB interface here supports the quick charging function, which can not only charge quickly but also charge after shutting down.

Indicator light, power button and audio interface.

The bottom front VR interface.

At the top of the chassis, the handle at the end can pick up the main unit without worrying about the strength.

On the other side, it is basically symmetric, except that the video card has a mesh hole to facilitate the air intake.

Kikuchi, we can see that the host is divided into two parts: the upper part is the interface, and the lower part is the power supply.

Tail VR interface.

Connect the wifi antenna to it.

Take a look at it and remove it from the top (it must be in this order, otherwise the left side panel won't open).

The handle on the tail has 7 screws fixed on the steel frame, so you don't have to worry about it being weak.

Open the left side board, the first thing that catches your eyes is the graphics card.

MSI Red Dragon GTX1080 8G, graphics adapter, so it is upright. This kind of vertical structure has a better protection for PCIE slots and a more reasonable use of chassis space. However, the most important point is that the graphics card has its own independent air duct and heat dissipation will be better.

If you want to upgrade the graphics card later, this result is also very convenient to upgrade, do not use the entire disassemble.

There is a hidden led strip here, which also supports RGB.

Remove the video card and see a turbo fan.

The interior adopts the Silent Storm cooling system, which means that the graphics card enters the air independently, the CPU uses water cooling, the turbine fan in the chassis exhausts, and the power supply adopts an independent air duct.

Graphics adapters and turbofans are used to extract heat from the chassis.

Continue to tear down and finally see the inside. You can see that the CPU uses integrated water cooling, which is the legendary Silent Storm cooling system.

MSI gaming dragon customized version of the cold head.

Number of inductors, there are eight, support 7700K should be enough.

One-piece cold row, 9cm thick row.

Here is a Plextor M8Pe 256G (on the back there is one) that together form the SUPER RAID 4 disk system.

Killer 1435 wireless network card.

Kllier 2500 wired network card.

Crab ALC1150 sound card chip, coupled with the optimization of MSI, can achieve AUDIO BOOST3 movie sound effects.

The hard disk is installed in Violet, with a Seagate 2TB standard, and there is a short position at the top, which can be used for future upgrades.

Open the other side of the side panel, you can see there is a memory and SSD on the back.

The SSD on the back is still the Plextor M8Pe 256G, M.2 interface, which takes the PCIE 3.0X4 channel and uses the NVME protocol.

The back can see the SSD information.

The memory is notebook memory, which is also a front one, the back one, each of which is 8G DDR4 specifications. Here we put a photo together (the back of the article has a thermal vest), it can be seen from Samsung.

The back of the memory.

The bottom of the chassis.

Unpacking can be seen in a flat bar power supply of a Quan-Han, which is different from ordinary ATX and SFX structures. The power is set at 600W, which is enough for this configuration.

Second, use experience

Play the box, and then try this host how it works.

It has been successfully lit.

1. Lighting experience

The first thing that catches your eyes is various lamp lights.

Gaming Dragon close-up, here is the light switch.

Of course, RGB is more than a red color. With the MSI GAMING CENTER software, you can customize the color and flicker frequency of lighting effects.

The following figure shows the effect of various colors.

2. Performance experience

Take a look at the configuration, Luna Niang wrong identification of the disk, only recognized Seagate 2TB, but ignored the Plextor M8Pe 256GX2 RAID0, it is estimated that Auntie Lu can not correctly identify the RAID disk.

Running 43w points, it should be OK.

The performance of the disk is not suitable for the use of Auntie Lu, to test the SSD performance of the AS SSD Benchmark test it, because the host used two Pu Kete M8Pe composed of SUPER RAID 4 system, so running points is also very awesome, 3339 Minute.

This software has reached 1.2w points, usually SATA interface SSD can usually run more than 4k points.

To a superπ, 8.188 seconds, 7700K higher frequency, so the fast is normal.

The new CPU-Z can also measure CPU performance.

Chess, 17515 points.

3DMark FS E file test, 9929 points.

3DMark Time Spy test, 6915 points.

VR performance test, VRMark Orange Room reached 10295 points.

Steam also has VR test software, reaching 11 points, which is a very high level.

DX11 game test, to a GTA5, first set the resolution and special effects.

Various open to full height.

It is also open here.

Test results, whether 1080P or 1440P, are very smooth.

DX12 game test, Tomb Raider 10, first resolution settings.

Special effects open to full height.

1080P frame rate is 64.89FPS

The 1440P frame rate is 27.88 FPS.

Try several other eSports games. The higher the popularity of LOL, the resolution is directly open to 4K, and the special effects are all high.

I like to play the dark three, play this, purely for the purpose of looking for the game when playing dark two hours. The resolution is open to 4K and the special effects are all on.

As a result of the test, the three basic levels of darkness reached more than 100 FPS, and the LOL reached more than 400 FPS. It seems that the machine configuration is too high. Playing these eSports games has a kind of feeling of playing mine sweeping.

3. Power consumption temperature test

Power consumption test, the power consumption of each scene is not very high, 600W power more than enough.

CPU baking machine test (room temperature 23.2 °C), the core temperature of about 80 degrees, taking into account this machine with such a small chassis, can have this cooling performance is also good.

Graphics card baking machine, 76 °C, thanks to graphics vertical structure, so the graphics card has an independent wind, the temperature, basic and ATX desktop performance is almost.

4. Other functional experience

Thanks to MSI's powerful GAMING CENTER software, many functions can be realized through this software.

The host can switch between work mode and game mode. You can also set image effects, sound effects, background subjects, and more.

Video game sound effects are set by the Nahimic Control Center.

The commonly used software is integrated here. Click it when you use it.

For example, the MSI GAMING APP can select the silent mode, game mode, overclock mode, etc. The overclock mode can automatically overclock the CPU within the safe range.

Killer NICs support priority settings and are somewhat similar to router QOS features.

Third, summary

Through a multi-day experience, leaving aside a bit of high prices, this console feels good. Let's summarize a few more:

1, the custom structure is my favorite point, this host is relatively small, so the internal parts are very full, but this chassis, the corners of the space are used perfectly, performance, heat is not Poor, but there is still some room for upgrades, personal feelings, to be diy such a host, it is estimated that you have to buy a lot of tools, a lot of effort.

2, performance, 7700K + GTX1080, dual NVME SSD RAID, to ensure that its performance will not be too big a bottleneck, whether it is e-sports games or stand-alone masterpiece, can play.

3, function, a variety of lighting effects, sound effects, a variety of VR interfaces, charging interfaces are very rich, suitable for the pursuit of cool players.

4, the price of the machine relative to the same level DIY desktop, is indeed a bit high, at the same time due to the pursuit of volume, full load fan noise slightly higher, but also for players who do not like exaggerated, did not close the RGB lighting effect button, but also not perfect.

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