Samsung wants users to unlock Win 10 tablet with fingerprints

[Abstract] Flow is a Windows 10 application. With it, users of the Galaxy TabPro S can use the Galaxy smartphone fingerprint scanner to unlock the tablet.

The Verge Chinese website reported on February 22

Samsung plans to make the Flow Android application support other Windows 10 computers.

Last year, Samsung launched the Android version of the Flow app. We can use the program to unlock the Windows 10 Galaxy TabPro S tablet. As long as the Galaxy smartphone is compatible with the tablet, you can use the phone fingerprint reader to unlock the Windows 10 tablet.

According to Sammobile's report, Samsung is prepared to allow all Windows PCs to support this feature. According to the plan, Samsung will provide this function through Windows 10 Creators Update.

As for when the Creators Update will be launched, Microsoft has not announced it and it is estimated that it will be launched in April. Samsung will use the Windows Hello Companion Device Framework to provide fingerprint unlocking.

Flow is a Windows 10 application. With it, users of the Galaxy TabPro S can use the Galaxy Smartphone Fingerprint Scanner to unlock the tablet. However, it can only be used on the Galaxy TabPro S. Other Windows 10 PC users also want to use this feature. They hope that Samsung will also introduce this feature for other Windows 10 devices.

Well now, future Samsung Windows 10 can also use Flow. (Author: Tom Warren compilation: Databoy)

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