Smart hand design with glow tube to adjust the burst of retro style

[Abstract] This watch has a built-in gyro sensor to display time. The glow tube will only light up and show time when you look up at your wrist.

Tencent digital news (chares) NIWA is a digital tube watch, using the old Nixie tube (glow tube) and modern technology display time, the case made of solid aluminum processing, unique shape, in the modern fashion style, also Very retro style.

The design team has completed this project in the near future and put it on the market for two years. This watch has a built-in gyro sensor. The glow tube will only light up and show time when you look up at your wrist.

The NIWA has a standby time of up to one week and can be put into a contact card holder after charging.

The time display mode of the watch is shown in split mode. After raising the wrist, the hour is displayed first, then the minute is displayed, and the second is displayed last.

Because there is no button on the watch case, when you need to set the time, you need to use the magnet to operate on the watch.

This product is currently crowdfunding on kickstarter, priced at about 2884 yuan.

Source: kickstarter

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