The Faraday factory is about to resume construction and promise to deliver FF91 in 2018!

Faraday Future built a car factory in Nevada, USA, and was previously shut down due to a shortage of funds. Recently, Faraday issued a statement saying that the factory has entered the bidding stage. The statement said: "There are currently bids from five top US and international contractors. After review and discussion, we will continue to advance the bidding process and resume construction as soon as possible."

The Faraday plant is about to resume construction. It promises to deliver FF91 in 2018!

During the second phase of construction, Faraday is preparing to build a new factory to produce the flagship FF91, and will also produce ultra-high-end limited edition Alliance EdiTIon cars for global users. Faraday said that because the company received many orders, it is ready to invest in the construction of the factory.

In the next few years, Faraday is preparing to invest $1 billion in Nevada. This has not changed. At present, Faraday has completed preparations for the establishment of the plant, with an initial investment of 120 million US dollars.

Faraday promised to deliver the FF91 car in 2018. Previously, Leroy announced that it was preparing to build a factory in Nevada with an area of ​​3 million square feet. Now it is expanding in size and Fule is preparing to build another 650,000 square foot factory.

The new plant is mainly used to produce FF91. Due to strong demand, Faraday hopes that the capacity of the new plant can meet the requirements of users. Last month, Faraday presented the FF91 car at CES 2017, and then accepted the user's reservation. Obviously, the predetermined number exceeded expectations.

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