Smart home practitioners, how can they become smart home winners

Smart home technology is at a stage of development. The smart home controls we use are simply simple heap phone app operations plus simple voice control. Real artificial intelligence has not been applied to smart homes. How to combine artificial intelligence and smart home is also a difficult point for smart home researchers. Some people say that "we are the biggest losers." Faced with the current smart home technology, who is the winner of smart home? What?

Many people think that Google will be a winner. Others say that Amazon will be a winner. Of course, Apple is also favored by many people. At the same time, many analysts believe that our country’s small manufacturers will become dark horses, but analysts say that intelligence is now a reality. There are no winners in the home market , only losers. Losers seem to be more like users, because smart homes are not yet available in our houses.

Smart home practitioners, how can they become smart home winners

In fact, our house is made up of many technologies. In addition to the part controlled by Apple equipment, the core technology of some devices has not changed revolutionarily for many years, such as stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and clothes. Machines, heating and air conditioning, etc. These so-called technologies have not changed much in the past few decades.

For smart home enthusiasts, the product life cycle is also their concern. We can upgrade the iPhone every year and upgrade Mac computers in a few years. But what about washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners? Obviously, compared with other electronic devices, the life cycle of home appliances that we usually use is longer, and this may also prevent many people from entering a high-tech home. After all, they can use it. Why do we have to change it?

“So far, my family’s most advanced product equipped with various modern science and technology is my iPhone, followed by the iPad and Mac. The iPhone can currently only be used to connect and control several smart switches, control lights and some non-essential However, we plan to install new smart door locks that can be opened via the iPhone and Apple Watch, and I also plan to swap out a smoke alarm and add a HomeKit-enabled security camera at home, no doubt, smart home. The revolution has only just begun."

Smart home technology, smart home development or we have to deal with the problem, for the smart home market is unlimited, is nothing more than the development of Soviet speed only, but how to quickly improve the smart home market, then we need the joint efforts of each of our staff Let the smart home industry take off!

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