Dragonboard 410c Python development first experience

Python has a rich and powerful library. It is often nicknamed the glue language and can easily connect various modules made in other languages ​​(especially C/C++). A common application scenario is to use Python to quickly prototype a program (sometimes even the final interface of a program), and then rewrite it in a more appropriate language for the parts that have special requirements. Today, let everyone experience how to develop in Dragonboard 410c. Python development on the board.

First, preparation work

Here you prefer to have your Dragonboard 410c development board ready, and install the Linux operating system on the Dragonboard 410c development board. This experience I installed the debain operating system, which is currently available for the AARCH 64-bit platform. Development libraries and related tool support, just need to update the software source, and then use apt-get to install various software tools. The installation system can refer to the introduction of the dragonboard 410c development board area of ​​qualcomm.csdn.NET. After the system is installed, connect the USB mouse and keyboard and HDMI interface display with the development board, and power on the system, as shown in Figure 1 below. You can experience Python development on the dragonboard410c development board.

Dragonboard 410c Python development first experience

Dragonboard 410c Python development first experience

Figure 1 The physical and operational effects of the debain system

Second, access intenet

Since in the process of experiencing Python scripts, we will need to write a test demo for sending emails. Therefore, after setting up the environment, we need to connect the development board to the intenet. The Dragonboard 410c development board provides the wifi module and installs the debain system. After that, you can directly access the intenet through wifi. After starting the system, click the network connection point in the lower right corner to select your wifi hotspot, then click to enter the password, and finally click the connection to connect the development board to the intenet, as shown in Figure 2 below. .

Figure 2 wifi connection and setup steps

Third, Python environment testing and practice

In the debain system image released on the 96board official website, the debain environment has been installed and configured in the system. Here we can see the following information by opening the terminal and typing python to prove that your Python is installed, otherwise you need to use apt-geTInstall python * Command to install Python.

Next, we test our Python programming through a simple Python mailing program. The specific program is as follows:

# Import smtplib for the actual sendingfuncTIon

Import smtplib

# Here are the email package modules we'llneed

From email.mime.image import MIMEImage

From email.mime.mulTIpart importMIMEMulTIpart

From email.mime.text import MIMEText

From email.header import Header

# Send the message via our own SMTP server(sendmail)

Sender = ''

Receivers = ['']

Text = MIMEText('Hello Qualcomm my name is NO1', 'plain', 'utf-8')

Image_url = "./detected_face.jpg"

Image = MIMEImage(open(image_url,'rb').read())

Image.add_header('Content-ID',' ')

Message = MIMEMultipart('related')

Message['From'] = Header("workshop",'utf-8')

Message['To'] = Header("Test",'utf-8')

Subject = 'Python SMTP Test'

Message['Subject'] = Header(subject,'utf-8')






smtpObj.sendmail(sender,receivers, message.as_string())



Except smtplib.SMTPException:

Print "error:send failed"

The test results after running are as follows:

Figure 3 Received mail test after mail is sent

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